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For Alumni


The transition to Handshake represents a significant milestone in the continuing evolution of our office and the way in which we deliver services to our students, employers, faculty and staff, and you, alumni of the University of South Florida's Tampa campus.

The decision to switch the system that powers Employ-A-Bull to Handshake was not made lightly.  As we considered what we wanted in a new system, providing our students and alumni with access to the greatest number of opportunities available was high on our list of must haves.  We are excited that Handshake is currently used by recruiters at more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies and that Handshake allows all of these recruiters the ability to share their openings with, and see the resumes of, USF students and alumni. We hope that as the system is fully implemented, and as more companies and organizations utilize the system, that your access to opportunities will multiply ... locally, nationally, and globally!

For those of you who have recently graduated and are still in your one year post-graduation window for complimentary services from our office, it is important that you stay on top of the dates and tasks we'll be posting on the Alumni Action Steps page.

For those of you who graduated more than a year ago, you'll still be able to take advantage of the new system, but we encourage you to wait until after July 5, 2016 before signing up. Please click here for more information on our alumni services.

As we implement Handshake, we encourage you to check this area of our website for the latest information and updates on our rollout.  You can find some more information on Handshake here, as well as some of the schools who also use the system (rest assured, USF is joining the ranks of some pretty exclusive company).  We will also be archiving all of our e-mail communications to alumni on this page for an easy to access reference.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback and you can find the list of our transition team members, and their contact information, here.



2016 06 22 - Career Services Announces Rollback of Employ-A-Bull Service Fee (effective July 5, 2016)