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USF Career Services transitioned to Handshake during the summer of 2016. For more information regarding our recent transition to Handshake, please read below.

If you need assistance resetting your password or setting up your account, please log a ticket with Handshake by accessing the "help" link in the upper right hand corner of any Handshake web page.



The transition to Handshake represented a significant milestone in the continuing evolution of our office and the way in which we deliver services to our students, alumni, faculty and staff, and you, the employers who choose to recruit here at the University of South Florida.

Handshake was chosen to be the new software engine for our Employ-A-Bull system after our team spent several months reviewing the major career services management systems. We also spent time thinking about how our students and alumni, faculty and staff, and you, our employers used our current system, as well as looking at what your challenges have been. This spring, we opted to migrate to a system that would help address those challenges and improve the overall quality and efficiency of your use of Employ-A-Bull.

One of the biggest improvements you will find when using Handshake is its easy to use, intuitive interface. Handshake boasts a clean, modern, and simple design -- making it easy to navigate and use. The search tools in Handshake are powerful and offer you the ability to pinpoint and build candidate pools quickly and easily. Communication tools in Handshake will allow you to continue to message our students directly, but added data points will allow you to send them to right students at the right time in their academic careers. And reporting tools are greatly improved over what was previously available in our old system.  

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback and you can find the list of our transition team members, and their contact information, here. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our Employer Relations team.



2016 05 18 - Announcement Handout at the 5th Annual Employer Institute [PDF]

2016 05 23 - E-Mail Announcing the Change Over from Mike McCay, Director of Employer Relations (Sample) [PDF]

2016 06 01 - E-Mail Invitation to Employers Active Within the Past Year to Join Handshake (Sample) [PDF]

2016 06 02 - E-Mail Reminder Announcing the Change Over from Mike McCay, Director of Employer Relations (Sample) [PDF]