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Handshake on Mobile Devices

Handshake has been designed from the ground up to fit into a student's mobile lifestyle.  Handshake provides you with mobile friendly access to the full range of career fair, event, and interview resources stored in the system as well as around the clock access to internship, cooperative education (Co-op), part-time, and full-time employment opportunities.

This page will provide you with information for accessing and using Handshake on your phone and tablet mobile devices.


Using Handshake on an Apple iOS Device

For students and employers accessing Handshake on an Apple iOS device, you have two options.

First, there is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store, which runs on both the iPhone and iPad.  This app allows you to view all of the same content that is online in the web-based version of the software, as well as have alerts and notifications pushed directly to your device for events, career fairs, employment opportunities, and organizations you follow.  Click here to access the free app through the Apple iTunes Store.

Second, Handshake has been built using modern web architecture and responsive design.  (You can learn more about responsive design here.)  Basically, this means that Handshake will function on your Apple mobile device, just like it does on your desktop or laptop computer in whatever modern browser you choose.  We recommend using Safari or Chrome when your on your iPhone or iPad, but some of us have also used browsers like Opera without issues.  

Using Handshake on an Google Android Device

While there is not currently an app for Google Android Devices, the good news is that Handshake's modern web architecture and use of responsive design means that you get the same awesome experience on your Android powered tablets and phones as if you were on a laptop or desktop computer!  (You can learn more about responsive design here.) Handshake is currently developing an app for Android, and when it becomes available we'll be sure to post information and a link here.