Apps for Success

As a student at USF, you have resources that are available to you across campus. You also have resources that you can easily access from the smartphone in your hand! We believe that downloading these apps can help put you on a path toward success in both your academics and your career.


Handshake is USF Career Services' online career management system that you can use to find jobs, research companies, view upcoming events, and view your appointment details with your Career Consultant. The Handshake mobile app is convenient, engaging, and is personalized for you! It will send you reminders to help support you in your job search process, including reminders about jobs you have marked as a favorite that are about to expire or events that are coming up that you should plan to attend.

Handshake on the Apple App Store
Handshake on Google Play

Career Fair Plus

Speaking of attending events, Career Fair Plus is USF Career Services' event app. In an effort to reduce paper waste, and create a more engaging and student-friendly experience at our career fairs, we have migrated all of our events maps to Career Fair Plus! You can use this app to view the list of employers attending events, see details about what they are hiring for, and quickly access your list of favorites! The app pipes in information from the events in Handshake, so you don't have to go back and forth between the map and Handshake anymore!

CareerFair+ on Google Play
CareerFair+ on the Apple App Store

MoBull Wellness

Being "well" doesn't just mean being healthy physically. Beyond physical health, some things that contribute to your overall wellness include stress, financial strain, relationships with friends and family, and satisfaction with your career goals or path. The MoBull Wellness app helps you understand your overall wellness with self-assessments in each area, and then refers you to services across campus to help you get "well" soon!

MoBull Wellness on Google Play


The Canvas app allows you to view your course information and assignments from your phone. You can use it to see updates, complete assignments, participate in discussions, and more! It never hurts to get extra reminders about your upcoming due dates!

Canvas on Google Play
Canvas on the Apple App Store


The Badgr app can be used with the Career Readiness Badging program to track, manage, and share the badges you earn.  Share your progress with future employers by adding your earned badges to your LinkedIn profile and easily share them on social media sites like Facebook! You are not required to install Badgr in order to participate in the Career Readiness program.

Badgr on the Apple App Store


The MyUSFMobile app gives you information about all things USF! You can find information about the Bull Runner bus tracking system (Bull Tracker), add Bull Bucks to your account, see your course schedule, view open laundry facilities, and see what's going on in places like the dining halls, the Library, and the Rec Center.

MyUSFMobile on Google Play
MyUSFMobile on the Apple App Store


If you're new to campus, or even if you've been here a while, you might find yourself wondering where your class is supposed to be. Finding the building code on a printed map can be difficult, but you won't need to worry about squinting with the FindMyClass app! Once you've selected the USF Tampa campus as your school, you'll be able to plug in the building for your class and the map will give you directions to the building and an estimated travel time.

FindMyClass on Google Play
FindMyClass on the Apple App Store

Be Well. Excel.

How well are you? Wellness is more than physical health. Wellness is about living up to your potential and living a full, well-rounded life. This includes paying attention to other dimensions of your well-being, such as your environment, your finances, your academics, and your social, mental and spiritual well-being.

Wellness matters because everything you do, think and feel relates to your overall well-being. Find out how well you are with the Be Well. Excel. assessments.