Assessments Offered

Assessment selection and interpretation is maximized when discussing your career concerns with a qualified career counselor. Please schedule an individual appointment with your career counselor liaison. First time meeting with one of our career counselors? Call our reception area at 813-974-2171 to learn more about making an appointment.

Career Exploration Inventory EZ: offers a quick and easy way for students to explore the three majors areas of life - work, leisure activities and learning; related jobs, education and training options and leisure activities are provided for the different interest areas.

Career Planning Scale: measures an individual's strengths and weaknesses in the career development and decision-making process.

Career Thoughts Inventory: identifies negative career thoughts linked to decision-making confusion, commitment anxiety and external conflict.

Holland's Self-Directed Search (SDS): identifies possible careers and majors based upon interest, skills and values. Provides RIASEC Holland codes that assist in the narrowing down of major and occupational options.

Interview Style Inventory: assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a person's interview style and offers feedback for improvement.

Job Search Attitude Inventory (JSAI): identifies attitude towards your job search, self-directed vs. other directed and motivation in the job search.

Job Search Knowledge Scale- provides knowledge about work and guidance on job search methods.

My Plan: includes a battery of assessments: personality test, career interest inventory, career skills profiler and career values assessment; assessments can be used individually or in a customized battery.

My Vocational Situation: assesses readiness for career choice (vocational identity, barriers and career information needs);  subjective instrument.

Occupational Information Network (O'Net): allows one to select from a list of skills and identifies occupational matches.

Transferable Skills Scale: assessment identifies an individual's transferable skills and is based on data, people, things and ideas.

Transferable Skills Survey: assessment identifies skills from educational courses, extracurricular activities, life experiences and provides a percentage score in five specific areas.