Career Coaching - Intake

Purpose and Responsibilities

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Purpose:  Career coaching is designed to empower you to: explore and identify your initial career goals, understand how an academic major aligns with your career goals, help you identify an opportunity for career-related experience, and/or teach you self-directed job search methods.  Self-directed job search methods include: writing a resume/cover letter, teaching you how to research employers, coaching you on employment skills, developing a personal job search plan and preparing for the interview.

Format:  A Career Services  staff member will meet with you individually. Some student questions will take just a few minutes to answer. Some students will need more time, as career development and the job search are multi-step processes.

  • Career Express service sessions may be up to 15 minutes, but you can sign in again at any time services are offered.
  • Career Coaching service sessions may be up to 30 minutes. In a few situations, a follow-up appointment may be recommended by the Career Services staff member meeting with you.

The Goal:  A student’s work is expected to be self-paced and self-directed.  The Career Services staff will provide coaching to assist with career exploration and job search.  We will guide and encourage your efforts, but you are responsible for any research or work assigned. Our website has a wide variety of materials and resources to help you during your coaching.

Confidentiality:  The discussion(s) you have with Career Services staff are private and confidential.  The level of confidentiality includes moral and ethical confidentiality, but not legal.  Your session and its content will not be discussed with other students, employers, or university staff without a need to know. However, some university staff may need information that you have shared. Notes about your session will be recorded electronically and if/when you return, any staff member can start where you left off. 

The discussion(s) that you have with graduate students and/or Career Peers may be conducted in a student/group work area where confidentiality is limited. It is not intended for confidential career coaching.

Student’s Responsibilities:

  • Be willing to invest time and energy into your career goals.
  • Be willing to share your career goals and career visions.
  • Complete homework/research assignments.
  • Be punctual for all appointments and notify Career Services in advance if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • If three appointments are missed, to ensure all students can be served, students will be directed to meet with a Career Coach during Career Express drop-in sessions for the remainder of the semester.
  • Report your acceptance of an employment offer.

Career Coach's Responsibilities:

  • To treat students and alumni with respect.
  • To honor the choices and decisions each student and alum makes.
  • To listen and be patient.
  • To be honest and tactful when giving feedback.
  • To offer suggestions which are compatible with the student’s / alum's career goals.
  • To deliver competent, quality career services.
  • To be as punctual as possible.
  • To be free from distractions during sessions.