Dress for Success Tips

Dress for Success

No matter what you want to believe, your appearance plays a major role in the first impression you make. People judge others by the way they look and carry themselves. When it comes to making a first impression for an interview, proper attire becomes even more important. In fact, for most interviews, professional attire is not an option. Even if the interviewer is dressed down, this doesn't mean you can dress down too. Wearing professional attire shows that you take the job opportunity seriously.

A good rule of thumb is: if you second guess what you're wearing because you're not certain that it's conservative or professional enough, it's probably not conservative or professional enough. Always play it safe with interview attire.


Professional attire for women is slightly more varied, as women can choose a pant suit or a skirt suit. Either choice should be dark in color (gray, black, or blue) and nicely steamed and cleaned. Women should also wear a light-colored, button-down shirt. Avoid a shirt that is low-cut in any way. If wearing a skirt, women should wear light-colored stockings. Shoes should be dark in color and closed toe with a 1-2 inch heel. Makeup should look natural and hair should be worn up in a professional bun or down and neatly combed. Women can wear jewelry, but keep it minimal – no more than a wedding ring, one set of small earrings, and a classic necklace.


Proper attire for men includes a full business suit, preferably dark in color. It should be pressed and cleaned. Men should also wear collared shirts in a light color with a conservative tie. As for shoes, nicely shined, dark-colored dress shoes are all you need. Men should wear no jewelry aside from a wedding band and/or a professional-looking watch.