Federal Work Study Overview

In order to obtain an FWS position, students must possess an award from the University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services (USFAS) office.

When students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), they indicate if they are interested in receiving Federal Work Study. If interested students meet certain FWS eligibility requirements, they may be awarded FWS in their financial aid award package according to the availability of funds. this award can be viewed in a student's OASIS account. If awarded FWS, it is the student's responsibility to secure an FWS job (most likely on campus, but some are off-campus community service-oriented positions) in order to earn their award money. Students' awards are earned in the form of paychecks every other week. USF Career Services assists students with their self-directed job search as outlined below. Please note: For questions about how to receive an FWS award, contact the University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services (USFAS) office.

Students should discuss their hours with their department/supervisor in order to determine how much of their award they can earn. Since departments are given limited funding to which they must adhere, departments are not required to ensure students earn their full award amount.

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