Is Graduate School for You?

If so, what will you study? Assess yourself to figure out if attending graduate school is the right choice for you. Meet with a Career Counselor at the Career Services office to discuss your career and academic goals. Visiting Career Services will also give you access to assessments that can help you determine your interests in relation to fields of study to pursue in graduate school. We can help you research and determine the best route to take to meet your goal.

Reasons you should go to graduate school

  • Attain your personal goals
  • You have a passion for learning and/or research
  • You want to specialize in an area or become an expert and generate new knowledge
  • Employers prefer or require an advanced degree in your profession
  • Professional growth and advancement
  • Average Earnings in 2010
    • Bachelor's Degree: $56,665
    • Master's Degree: $73,738
    • Doctoral Degree: $103,054