Intro to Networking

What is networking? Networking is the art of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.
During your college career and throughout your work life, you will have opportunities to attend professional and social events where guests "network." Many people assume incorrectly that networking is only about finding jobs. While attending a networking event rarely lands you a job, it could help you create relationships that eventually leads to a job. If you make one valuable contact at a networking event, it's worth the time you invested to attend.

People often expect an immediate pay-off from networking. However, creating meaningful, lasting connections with people takes time. Building a powerful network also re-quires you to help others as much as they help you. As you meet new contacts, listen for ways you can help them. Over time, your generosity will be rewarded. In this modern era, you have the added benefit of being able to use social media to also build and maintain your network.

Preparation for a Networking Event

Execution During the Event

Follow-Up After a Networking Event

The Benefits of Networking

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network

Networking takes time and effort, but like any relationship, the time you invest can pay incredible dividends. You're never too young or too old, too inexperienced or savvy professionally to start networking. We can all benefit from expanding our group of contacts. Get going...and always remember to smile – it's one of your most effective relationship-building tools!