Researching Graduate Programs

Once you have decided that graduate or professional school is for you, gather information about several programs.

Talk to

Other sources

Discover information about

  • Who are the best professors and emerging leaders in your field?
    • What projects are they working on?
    • What universities do they work at?
    • Where did they get their degree from?
  • Which professors and schools do others suggest you consider?
  • At what universities do current professionals find their best employees?
  • What graduate programs have the best reputation in your field?

When deciding where to apply consider

  • What are the admission and degree requirements?
  • Are there a variety of specializations available?
  • Are you interested in attending a certain type of school?
  • Are you looking for a standardized curriculum or one that's customizable?
  • What type of financial assistance is available?
  • What do graduates go on to do professionally and what's their placement rate?

Relevant Student Organizations

  • Minorities in PreLaw