Student Appointment Policy

General Policy

Due to an extremely large volume of appointment requests and an increase in the number of last minute appointment cancellations and no-shows, Career Services has an Appointment Cancellation Policy to ensure that appointments remain available for students that can commit to a scheduled time. All students requesting an appointment will be asked to read and sign the Appointment Agreement Form to ensure awareness of the importance of keeping a scheduled appointment commitment. Please read the policy thoroughly in order to avoid losing the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

Appointment No-Show/ Late Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations: Students may cancel their scheduled appointment two (2) business days prior to the day of the appointment date by contacting Career Services without penalty. This means if you have an appointment scheduled for Monday, you have until 5:00PM the preceding Wednesday to cancel your appointment without it being considered a Late Cancellation. Weekends and holidays cannot be counted in the two day (2) time period.

No-Show: A No-Show is when a student fails to show for their scheduled appointment time.

Late Cancellation: An appointment cancelled less than two (2) business days* prior to the scheduled appointment date is considered a Late Cancellation.

Consequence: A Late Cancellation or No-Show will automatically result in following actions being taken:

• First Offense: If you do not show or do not cancel your appointment two (2) business days prior to your scheduled appointment you will receive an e-mail reminder about the No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy.

• Second Offense: You will receive an e-mail from the career counselor alerting you that if you don't keep your 3rd appointment, you will not be allowed to schedule an individual appointment for the remainder of the semester, but will still have access to use Career Express.

• Third Offense: You will receive an e-mail notice that your privilege for scheduling an appointment is suspended for the remainder of the semester and that you may only use Career Express during this time period.

Late Arrival for Appointment Policy:

The time allotted for your appointment is to ensure there is sufficient time to assist with your career needs. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment without calling to notify Career Services, may result in the appointment being forfeited and may be counted as No-Show.