Student Appointment Policy

Through Career Services, you can schedule an appointment to meet with your Career Consultant for career planning and job search coaching.

Career planning and job search coaching is designed to empower you to explore and identify your career goal, choose a major, learn about opportunities for gaining career-related experiences, and teach you self-directed job search methods.

Self-directed job search methods include writing a resume and cover letter, researching employers of interest, learning about skills important for your chosen field, developing a personal job search plan, and preparing for the interview.

We typically schedule appointments for an hour. Subsequent appointments can be made at the student and Consultant's discretion. A student’s work is expected to be self-paced and self-directed. The Career Consultant will provide coaching to assist with career exploration and job search.


The discussions you have with Career Services staff are private and confidential. The level of confidentiality includes moral and ethical confidentiality, but not legal. Your session and its content will not be discussed with others. However, because you may work with multiple staff members within Career Services, we keep an online note-taking system that only staff within Career Services have access to. This allows multiple staff members to easily share and keep track of your previous progress and future goals.

Additionally, since the University uses a case management approach to promoting student success, your Career Consultant will record the date of your visit and topics discussed in an online case management system only used by University personnel.

Please note that confidentiality will need to be broken if a student discloses that they are in danger to themselves or others, or if there is a situation that applies to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and/or Title IX Act. Information about VAWA and Title IX can be found on the University’s website.

The conversations that you may have with front desk staff, Career Services graduate assistants, and Career Peers may be conducted in a student/group work area
where confidentiality is limited. These conversations and services are not intended for confidential career counseling. If it is determined that you may need confidential career
services, you may be referred to a Career Consultant for an appointment.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be willing to invest time and energy into your career goal.
  • Be willing to share your career goals and career visions.
  • Complete any assigned "homework" or research from your Career Consultant.
  • Be punctual for all appointments and call Career Services at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • Report your acceptance of a career decision or employment offer.

Career Consultant Responsibilities

  • To treat each student and alumni with respect.
  • To honor the choices and decisions each student makes.
  • To listen and be patient.
  • To be honest and tactful when giving feedback.
  • To offer suggestions which are compatible with the student’s career goals.
  • To deliver competent, quality career services.
  • To be punctual and free from distractions during sessions.

Appointment No Show and Same Day Cancellation Policy

General Policy

Due to an extremely large volume of appointment requests and an increase in the number of last minute appointment cancellations and no-shows, Career Services implemented an Appointment Cancellation Policy in July 2013 to ensure that appointments remain available for students that can commit to a scheduled time. All students will complete the Appointment Agreement Form on the day of their first appointment to ensure awareness of the importance of keeping a scheduled appointment commitment. Please read the policy thoroughly in order to avoid losing the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a Career Consultant.


Students may cancel their scheduled appointment without penalty one business day prior to the appointment date by contacting Career Services. This means if you have an appointment scheduled for Monday, you have until 5:00PM the preceding Friday to cancel your appointment without it being considered a Late Cancellation. Weekends and holidays cannot be counted in the one day time period.

No Show

A "No Show" is when a student fails to show for their scheduled appointment time without notifying Career Services in advance.

Consequences for Late Cancellations and No Shows

A Late Cancellation or No Show will automatically result in following actions being taken:

  • First Offense: You will receive an email reminder about the No Show/Late Cancellation Policy. This email will come from a member of Career Services staff within 1-2 days of your missed appointment.
  • Second Offense: You will receive a second email reminder, indicating that this missed appointment was your second offense.
  • Third Offense: You will receive an email notice that your privilege for scheduling an appointment is suspended for the remainder of the semester and that you may only use Career Express during this time period.

Late Arrival Policy

The time allotted for your appointment is to ensure there is sufficient time to assist with your career needs. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment without calling to notify Career Services may result in the appointment being forfeited and may be counted as a No Show.

If you know that you are going to be running late for your appointment, please contact Career Services so that your Career Consultant can be informed.