Suit-A-Bull is a free suit rental service for USF students. Suit-A-Bull has over 600 items including suits, jackets, pants, shirts., skirts, and dresses.

Suit-A-Bull is located in the Student Services Building in room SVC 2060, just down the hall from Career Services. Students can visit Suit-A-Bull during the store hours listed below to borrow attire for interviews, events, or other occasions where professional clothing is required. Students may borrow the clothing for up to two business days, or for longer periods of time if needed.

Students wishing to rent apparel should bring their valid USF Student ID Card with them.



Please call our Guest Relations Assistants at (813) 974-2171 to confirm hours before scheduling your visit. Please plan to return clothing to Suit-A-Bull during their operating hours.

Meet the Retail Management Intern Team
Stop by during Suit-A-Bull's operating hours to meet the Retail Management Intern team!

Amaya Oyola .................... Psychology
Marie-Claire Andris ........... Management
Patrick Atlasik ................... Economics


Suit-A-Bull is presented by Northwestern Mutual as part of a multi-year financial commitment, which began in 2016.

Northwestern Mutual

Donations of clothing are not currently being accepted. Please contact Career Services if you would like to make a financial contribution.


For more information about Enactus at USF or to learn more about Suit-A-Bull, please visit our partner's websites below. 


Each garment rented is cleaned after each use and then returned to inventory for other students to rent. Dry cleaning services for all garments are generously provided at cost by Elite Cleaners of Temple Terrace.


Before moving to its current location, Suit-A-Bull operated out of a variety of mobile locations. In the summer of 2015, the service moved into a brand-new, permanent facility just down the hall from Career Services. Since then, Suit-A-Bull has been permanently located on the second floor of the Student Services Building (SVC-2060). In its first full year of operation within this space, Suit-A-Bull provided assistance to more than 700 students.

Local professionals, faculty, and staff have generously donated a closet full of apparel and accessories in order to provide students with the proper attire for career fairs and job interviews. In the fall of 2015, the Suit-A-Bull USF Deans and Vice Presidents Challenge was held. The Challenge allowed academic and administrative units of the university to compete against one another by awarding points for clothing items collected during the challenge period. The winner of this challenge was the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences.

In the summer of 2016, the Suit-A-Bull Corporate Challenge was held and Enterprise Holdings was the winner of the challenge event! Also participating were Citi (finishing in second place) and Northwestern Mutual (finishing in third place).