Parts of the Graduate School Application

Admissions committees are normally made up of professors who base their decisions on the following:

When submitting the application, complete a draft of each application first. Make sure you type all paper applications; do not hand-write. Mail all materials well in advance of deadlines and make copies of everything included in the application packet. Print copies of your completed electronic applications. Proofread, proofread, proofread!


The type of entrance exam you will take depends on the type of program for which you are seeking admittance:

USF Testing Services can help you with figuring out which test you need to take and how to set your exam date(s). Be sure to schedule your exam a year prior to the intended graduate school start date. Prep course materials can help you understand the parts of the test and types of questions that will be asked. Check out these resources for test prep help:

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose is your only opportunity to let the admissions committee get to know you. This is your chance to personally introduce yourself and make a good impression. The Writing Center in the Library can help you write the perfect Statement of Purpose.

Steps for writing a statement of purpose

Information to consider


Recommendation Letters

Most applications will require 2 or 3 recommendation letters. Keep these tips in mind

Transcripts and Test Scores