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Our Recent Graduates

Name Areas of Interest
Jessica Allen Quality of Life at End-of-Life, Bereavement; Advance Care Planning, Hospice & Palliative Care, Decision-making.
Wendy Anemaet  The effect of exercise on the molecular and tissue level pathophysiology of osteoarthritis.
Linda Albert  Economic aspects of aging.

Jessie Alwerdt

Cognitive neuroscience with a specific interest in physical factors, nutrition, and the bidirectional relationship between gut and cognitive function.
Michelle Arnold Factors related to hearing aid use among older adults from the Hispanic/Latino backgrounds: Findings form the Hispanic Community Health Study/ Study of Latinos
Elizabeth Bergman  Family caregiver and bereavement interventions and service utilization; end-of-life issues; hospice and palliative care; stress and coping in the context of the aging family; gender and multicultural aspects of aging.
Allison Burton  End of Life Issues, specifically hospice care, bereavement, and family caregiving; Interventions for family caregivers.
Melissa Castora-Binkley Health Policy (e.g., Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid), Home- and Community-based Services, Nursing home
Marianne Chanti-Ketterl  Cardiovascular aging: links between risk factors and cognitive performance
Secondary data analysis on health outcomes
Clinical trials: cognitive and pharmacological interventions
Tuo-Yu Chen  Falls, fear of falling, long-term care, behavioral science, assessing quality of life, experiment methods, and life-end care among the elderly.
Sara Eisel Daily Fatigue and Subjective Cognitive Function: What Influences Daily Quality of Life Issues among Breast Cancer Survivors?
Kevin E. Hansen  Public policy; prevention of elder/vulnerable adult maltreatment; criminal sanctions for perpetrators
of elder/vulnerable adult maltreatment; cost savings from maltreatment prevention; substitute decision-making,
including advance directives and POLST forms; quality of life and quality of care in long-term care settings.
Amand A. Holup Hospice, quality and ethical issues at end-of-life, advance care planning/advance directives, utilization of palliative care
Hongbin Chen  Treatment decision making in elderly cancer patients.
Edith Dopking  Aging with a disability, exercise physiology, and recreation.
Christine Haley  Promoting evidence-based strategies for healthy aging through effective marketing practices, program design and policy implementation. Several specific interests are 1) physical and cognitive health outcomes associated with physical activity, and 2) factors that influence the adoption of, and adherence to behaviors associated with healthy aging.
Elizabeth Handing Cognitive aging and healthy aging, specifically the role of nutrition on cognitive functioning/impairment and risk factors for developing Alzheimer's Disease.
Michelle Ellis  
Cathy Emmett End of Life Decision Making, Caregiving, Bereavement.
Celinda Evitt Fear of falling in the elderly, wound care, wellness.
Elizabeth Gagnon-Hudak Research pertains to the area of cognitive training among older adults. I am interested in examining the effectiveness of different types of cognitive training programs that aim to improve memory performance. I am also interested in the durability of training gains and factors that may influence responsiveness to cognitive training.
Deborah Gavin-Dreschnack Ergonomics, adaptive seating, and long term care.
Karen Gosche Radiology and pathology of Alzheimer's disease.
Antoneta Granic Cardiovascular and Alzheimer's disease cholesterol connection
Dietary components and the risk of dementia
Chromosome mis-segregation and cell cycle defects in Alzheimer's disease
Elizabeth A. Hahn Psychosocial and cognitive aspects of aging, specifically: 1) stress and psychological well-being,
2) sleep disruptions and dementia risk,
3) psychological distress in persons with MCI, and
4) non-pharmacological interventions for symptoms of MCI.
Deborah Hedgecock Quality of life in nursing home patients.
Beth Hui Han Self-reported health in the elderly.
Linda Henderson Chronic diseases in Native American elders.
Tiffany Hughes The influence of lifestyle on cognitive aging and Alzheimer's disease.
Yuri Jang Psychosocial resources, physical and mental health, culture and diversity.
Giyeon Kim Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health.
Jung Kwak Diversity issues in end-of-life care.
Jessica Krok Pain management, cancer pain, racial disparities, and psychosocial interventions 
Yanen Li Mental health care for the elderly.
Nancy Lynn Mental/behavioral health issues, quality of life, social support.
Melissa Lunsman O'Connor How cognitive and functional abilities change throughout the lifespan; cognitive impairment and dementia; the development of interventions to help older adults maintain their independence; and longitudinal data analysis.
Catherine McCarty Hospice Utilization for persons with Alzheimer's disease; palliation and quality of life for Alzheimer's disease.
Financial Burden & Caregiver Perception as Predictors of Depression in Alzheimer's Caregivers.
International Dementia Care.
Julie Malphurs Homicidal and suicidal behavior of older adults.
Whitney Mills Personality and adjustment to long-term care, long-term care, affordable housing, housing policy, serious mental illness, mental health, independence, autonomy, and quality of life.
Chivon Mingo Health Disparities with a concentration in arthritis research.
D. Helen Moore Prognostic factors in hospice admission.
Elizabeth Perkins  Aging with intellectual disabilities; quality of life for family caregivers of adults with intellectual disabilities and their care recipients.
Lindsay Peterson Long-term care quality of care and late-life quality of life, transitions, public policy.
Katie Petrossi "Lifestyle choices" in long-term care settings.
Karon Phillips Cultural Competence in the health care system
Mental Health Disparities
Health Policy
Mihaela Popa Health preventive behaviors for chronic diseases in the socio-economic and cultural context.
Sung Han Rhew Health services and health status for the elderly using geography information system. Health disparity among minority elderly in adult care facilities. Aging in urban settings.
Christopher Rosnick Cognition and aging, end-of-life decision-making.
Claire Robb  Mental health policy, alternative mental health care delivery.
Rosalyn Roker Perspectives of older Blacks and Whites living with serious mental illness about outpatient mental health services
Lori Roscoe  Medical issues and end-of-life decision making.
Shannon Runge Genetic Moderators of Cognitive Decline in the Health and Retirement
Frances Sahebzamani  Women's health, cardiovascular risk and disease.
Jennifer Salmon  Quality of life in long term care.
Angela Sardina Pain and Physical Function in a Socioeconomically Diverse Sample of Black and White Adults
Chantelle Sharpe Sexuality, Social Networks, Social Support, Quality of Life, Health Disparities
Kerri Sharp Preventative measures for Alzheimer's disease
Biomarkers to differentiate normal and pathological aging
Influence of peripheral inflammation on central nervous system processing
Kelly M. Smith Broadening the Lens: A Systems Approach to Nursing Home Quality Improvement
Brianne M. Stanback  Aging in vulnerable populations, gerontology in higher education
April Temple  Staffing and turnover in nursing homes.
Quality of care in long-term care.
Utilization of long-term care services.
Kali Thomas Nursing Home Staffing; Quality of Care in Long-Term Care; Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery in Long-Term Care Facilities
Elise Valdes Cognitive interventions and neurodegenerative diseases, Risk factors for neurodegenerative diseases.
Keren Vergon How participation in religious rituals may influence human development, especially in old age.
Helen Zayac Community and city planning for aging populations.
Tiffany Young Older offenders and the life course perspective, Intergenerational program development and evaluation, Quality of care in long-term care facilities