Bachelor Program

Bachelor of Science in Aging Sciences

A Bachelor of Science in Aging Sciences entails 36 credit hours of course work. These 36 credit hours include a core of six required courses.

Required Courses:

  • GEY 2000 Introduction to Aging Sciences (3)
  • GEY 3601 Physical Changes and Aging (3)
  • GEY 4401 Research Methods in Aging (3)
  • GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging (3)
  • GEY 4628 Health, Ethnicity and Aging (3)
  • GEY 4641 Death and Dying (3)

**STA 2122 Social Science Statistics is a state mandated common course prerequisite.

Aging Sciences students complete 15 additional elective hours. Elective courses are available to gain specialized expertise in areas such as mental health and aging, geriatric care management, aging and business management, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s disease care. Finally, students complete 3 credit hours of a major capstone experience: Internship, Directed Research or Senior Seminar in Aging. Students should plan to meet frequently with the departmental advisor to plan courses and co-curricular experiences to prepare them for their career.