Certificate Programs

The Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Social Work/ Clinical Gerontology

Is designed to provide clinicians with practical knowledge necessary to serve older adults. This program provides specialized, clinically relevant training to persons working with or interested in working with older adults in various clinical settings including long-term care facilities, mental health centers, counseling agencies, hospitals, and other settings concerned with the physical and emotional well-being of older adults. Building on the basic knowledge of the person's current or previous graduate education, this certificate provides the student with courses which enhance their understanding of the biopsychosocial aspects of the aging process.

This post-baccalaureate certificate, offered jointly with the School of Social Work, consists of 15 hours of required course work.

Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

Total program hours: 15 credit hours.

Required Course

Only courses officially recognized by the program will be credited toward the Certificate.

Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Social Work/Clinical Gerontology