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  • Causes of poor sleep health, such as work-related stress
  • Health consequences of poor sleep health, especially on cardiovascular and cognitive outcomes
  • Develop and test new interventions to improve sleep health in middle and late adulthood


Soomi Lee

Soomi Lee, Ph.D., is the director of the STEALTH lab. Dr. Lee and her collaborators examine the role of sleep in the link between stress and health across adulthood. Dr. Lee has expertise in the substantive area of work, sleep, and healthy aging. She has extensive experience in measuring sleep using an actigraphy method and assessing daily experiences using intensive micro-longitudinal designs. 

Claire Smith

Claire Smith, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral scholar in the STEALTH lab. Dr. Smith supports STEALTH lab grants and projects through study development, data analysis, and writing. Her content expertise lies in worker stress and health, and her methodological expertise lies in within-person designs and analyses.


Christina Mu

Christina Mu, Ph.D. candidate, is a STEALTH Lab manager. Christina is responsible for mentoring and supervising research assistants; leading data collection, management, and analyses; and administrative work for the lab. Christina also supports Dr. Lee’s grants through data analyses and manuscript writing. Her research focuses on the interplay between sleep and pain among middle-aged and older adults.

Kris Calfee

Kris Calfee, Ph.D. student, is a STEALTH Lab manager. Kris is responsible for overseeing undergraduate RAs, running data analyses, proofreading public relations and social media posts, and other administrative work for the lab. Kris research focuses on cognitive aging, dementia, and sleep.

Fumiko Hamada

Fumiko Hamada, M.A. and Ph.D. student, joined the STEALTH Lab beginning Fall 2022. As assistant lab manager, she is responsible for administrative work, supervising research assistants, and supporting lab projects. Fumiko’s research focuses on the bidirectional relations between sleep and cognitive decline in older adults and modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer's disease. 

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