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Press Release

Dr. Soomi Lee’s research is featured in multiple media outlets, including USA Today, the New York Times, Yahoo! News, and Fox 13. Most notably, her study titled, “Just Losing 16 Minutes of Sleep” has gained national attention for its implications on night’s sleep and next-day consequences. In this study, she highlights that even small amounts of sleep loss could potentially jeopardize next-day productivity and overall stress. Dr. Lee’s extensive research in sleep and stress has generated significant findings that illustrate how insufficient or poor sleep quality can lead to daily cognitive interference (i.e., off-task and ruminating thoughts that interfere with concentration on work). In addition, Dr. Lee’s research has found that poor sleep health is associated with various adverse health outcomes, including worse mood, increase stress, impaired immune functioning, increase risk of falls, pain, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and mortality (see below). As the field of sleep health continues to grow, Dr. Lee’s research has been influential and applicable to the general public.

Selected Articles in Media: