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Carlyn Vogel

Carlyn Vogel

Office: MHC1305A
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Research Interests

Ms. Vogel's main area of research is quality of care within assisted living communities. In particular, she is interested in supervisor - worker relationships, how staff perceive what impacts their ability to provide quality care, and how COVID-19 has impacted this ability. Other areas of interest for Ms. Vogel include palliative and hospice care, end-of-life, life reviews and reminiscence, and older adults in prison.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Certificate in Gerontology, University of Missouri: St. Louis, 2018.

Classes Taught

Life Cycle (online; 100 students)
Death and Dying (online & in person; 45 - 90 students)


Vogel, C. E., Molinari, V., Andel, R., & Barry, L. C. (2020). Self-rated health and mental health among older incarcerated males. Aging & Mental Health, 1-9. 

Templeman, M. E., Vogel, C. E., Marino, V. R., Dobbs, D., & Haley, W. E. (2021). Student responses to advance directives assignments in undergraduate courses in the Unites States: A qualitative examination of stress appraisals, coping, and outcomes. Death Studies, 1-11. 

Dobbs, D., Vogel, C. E., Haimowitz, D., Zimmerman, S. (in press). Chapter 2: Assisted living and residential care. In P. Winn, P. Fenstamacher, R. Stefanacci, & S. Delong (Eds.), Post-acute and long-term care medicine, 3rd edition. Springer. 

Hackett, S. E., Peterson, L. J., Vogel, C. E., & Dobbs, D. (under review). “We Did More Damage”: How COVID-19 Collapsed the Care Convoys of Residents Living with Dementia. Qualitative Health Research. 

Conference Presentations

"Changes in Perceived Spirituality in U.S. Middle-Aged and Older Adults: 1995-2005" - Carlyn E. Vogel & Debra Dobbs. Southern Gerontological Society Conference 2019, Pensacola, FL. 

"Self-Rated Health and Mental Health Among Older Male Inmates" - Carlyn E. Vogel, Victor Molinari, Ross Andel, & Lisa C. Barry. Gerontological Society of America Conference 2019, Austin, TX. 

"Beyond Religiosity: A Model to Explain Spirituality among Middle-Aged and Older Adults" - Carlyn E. Vogel, Debra Dobbs, & Brent Small. Gerontological Society of America Conference 2020, virtual.

"COVID-19 and Death Anxiety: The Impact on Students' Appraisals of Completing Advance Directives" - Carlyn E. Vogel, Debra Dobbs, Maureen E. Templeman, Victoria R. Marino, & William E. Haley. Graduate Research Symposium 2021, University of South Florida; Gerontological Society of America, 2021, virtual. 

"Assisted Living Administrators’ Perceptions of the COVID-19 Experience" - Carlyn E. Vogel, Debra Dobbs, Lindsay Peterson, Victor Molinari, Daniel Meng, & Mingyang Li. Florida Conference on Aging 2022, Orlando, FL.