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Statement of Purpose

The focus of the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences Alumni Relations Council is to further the goal of building lifelong and mutually beneficial relationships with and among its alumni. The council will serve to facilitate the development of a stronger inventory of alumni programs within the college. These programs will specifically connect alumni with a broad range of college and University programs, priorities, and touch points. The Alumni Council also will help identify and cultivate development and fundraising opportunities.

Engagement and collaboration with members of the Alumni Council will enable crucial, reciprocal connections between alumni and current USF students who will enter the alumni's fields. Such relationships will strengthen our knowledge of the college's alumni resources, while augmenting our alumni's capacity to develop fruitful, novel, and fiscally sound collaborations at the university and college levels.

Primary Objectives

To achieve success in alumni relations in the college, the council will:

  • Identify new and existing opportunities for meaningful engagement of alumni that reflect and reinforce key college-based priorities.
  • Participate in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs for alumni involvement and engagement.
  • Help cultivate and develop alumni relationships for fundraising purposes.
  • Provide input into communications to various alumni populations that are representative of specific college plans. Share program successes and assist to replicate success in other departments/schools in the college.

Organizational Structure

  • The CBCS Alumni Council will be led by staff in the CBCS Dean's Office, currently the Assistant Director of Administration and the Development Officer. The CBCS Dean will have input in all decision making processes and will attend meetings as needed.
  • The members of the council will be the designated alumni council members representing each participating department/school within the college.
  • Additional members will include 2 current CBCS student organization leaders appointed by the college, and 2 college faculty members with an interest in alumni relations.
  • Council members will serve in staggered terms of 3 years each.
  • Council members will serve on at least 1 program sub-committee (e.g., Homecoming event subcommittee; Social media alumni relations subcommittee).


The council will meet 3 times per year in the Spring, Summer, and Fall on an agenda developed in collaboration with all members of the council.

Subcommittees will meet regularly as needed to plan specific college events and activities.

Expected Results

Using the specific objectives listed above, the council will work collaboratively throughout each year. In doing so, the council will develop and evolve the infrastructure (staff, programs and systems) necessary to support the ongoing expansion and evolution of the alumni programs of the college.