Thesis and Applied (Non-Thesis) Tracks

The CABH program offers both a thesis track and an applied (non-thesis) track that includes field experience and a project. The choice of track needs to be declared at the time of application.

Thesis Track Requirements

Students selecting the Thesis Track will complete 6 hours of thesis research. The thesis will consist of original research designed and conducted by the student under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The student will conduct the thesis research study once approved by the committee, then write the thesis document and defend the study before the committee. During the CABH application process, GRE scores are only required for applicants of the Thesis Track.

Applied Track Requirements

Students selecting the Applied Track will complete 6 credits of field experience. As part of the field experience, students will work part time at an agency or organization on a child/adolescent behavioral health issue of importance to that entity. The identified child/adolescent behavioral health issue provides the basis of a Field Experience Project that should be of professional interest to the student and also of benefit to the entity. Field experience projects vary considerably by topic, depending upon the agency's needs and the student's interests. For example, a student might:

  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Develop social marketing strategies
  • Help develop a strategic plan
  • Identify appropriate evidence-based practices
  • Support program development and implementation
  • Conduct community-based research and evaluation
  • And many other possibilities...

The student's CABH Advisor approves the student's choice of agency or organization, and works with the student to identify the final project of the field experience. Students in the Applied Track complete their field experience in their last semester(s), applying concepts learned while in the CABH program.