Cultural & Linguistic Competence (CLC) Resource Library for Addressing Behavioral Health Disparities

Assessment Tools

A Comprehensive Framework and Preferred Practices for Measuring and Reporting Cultural Competency Presents best practices for evaluating and assessing cultural competency.
APA DSMV Cultural Formulation Interview and Supplementary Modules Patient assessment measures to assist service providers in assessing and integrating cultural factors, including health beliefs, into treatment.
Broward County OCP2 - CLAS Assessment Report Documents the evaluation of 30 CLC plans and offers an assessment tool for incorporating CLAS into behavioral healthcare.
CLAS Standards and CLC Self Assessment Video discussing CLC organizational self assessment and CLAS Standards produced by the New Mexico System of Care.
CLC Assessment Tool: Based on the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care (CLAS Standards) The tool evaluates and asseses an organization's CLC progress along four themes:
1) Principal standard
2) Governance, Leadership, and Workforce
3) Communication and Language Assistance
4) Engagement, Continuous Improvement, and Accountability.
Cultural and Linguistic Competency Planning and Capacity Building The DFCHS cultural and linguistic competency strategic plan. This CLC Plan is structured around the CLAS Standards.
Cultural Competency in Mental Health Peer-run Programs and Self-help Groups This tool was created to help mental health, consumer- operated programs and self-help groups assess their own cultural competency.
Cultural and Linguistic Competence Family Organization Assessment Assessment tool specifically developed to address the unique functions of family organizations concerned with children and youth with behavioral-emotional disorders, special health care needs, and disabilities.
Is Your Website Culturally Competent? Tool for assessing cultural competence of organization's website.
New Mexico Systems of Care- Organizational CLC Self Assessment Users Guide Guidebook for CLC self assessment.
The Mirror Project- Closing the Gap: CLC Organizational Assessments Organizational Assessments
Power Point presentation describing Jacksonville SOC's process for organizational self-assessment of cultural and linguistic competence.