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Trina D. Spencer, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Trina D. Spencer, PhD, BCBA-D

Associate Professor

Phone: 813-974-5128
Office: MHC 1719

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Dr. Spencer is an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida in the Department of Child and Family Studies. She joined USF in 2017 as part of the  Rightpath Research and Innovation Center.

Dr. Spencer earned a specialist degree in School Psychology and a PhD in Disability Disciplines from Utah State University with emphases in language and literacy and early childhood special education. She has been a board certified behavior analyst since 2001 and has worked with culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse children as well as children with disabilities, their teachers, and their families for 20 years. She has published 43 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 5 book chapters, and 22 non-peer reviewed articles, briefs, or encyclopedia entries. Her publications and editorial service span a number of disciplines including speech-language pathology, early childhood education, special education, applied linguistics, and school psychology.

Trina Spencer

The video above features Dr. Spencer's partnership with the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships and local schools, daycares, and after school programs. If you are interested in your students receiving academic language interventions (face to face or remotely), please contact Dr. Spencer.

Benefitting from strong collaborations with practitioners and other researchers, Dr. Spencer conducts research employing an implementation science framework and a variety of single case and group study designs to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of interventions. One of her major areas of focus has been on Multi-tiered Systems of Support models for schools, with special attention to early literacy and language and reading comprehension. She works with young culturally and linguistically diverse children with or at risk of disabilities or school failure. Drawing from an analysis of verbal behavior, Dr. Spencer also develops innovative language interventions, curricula, and assessment tools that support the achievement of vulnerable students living in poverty. Doctoral students working with Dr. Spencer learn to apply behavior analysis to interdisciplinary and general education issues such as professional development, instructional design, and the promotion of academic language.

Infographics of Recent Publications

Does Cultural and Linguistic Bias Threaten the Validity of Your Language Evaluations?

Petersen, D. B., Tonn, P., Spencer, T. D., & Foster, M. E., (2020). The Classification Accuracy of a Dynamic Assessment of Inferential Word Learning for Bilingual English/Spanish-Speaking School-Age Children. Language, Speech, and Hearing
Services in Schools, 51 (1), 144-164.

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Measure Reading Comprehension before Students can Read!

Petersen, D. B., Spencer, T. D., Konish, A., Sellars, T. P., Foster, M. E., & Robertson, D. (2020). Using Parallel, Narrative-Based Measures to Examine the Relationship Between Listening and Reading Comprehension: A Pilot Study. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, Vol. 51, No. 4, October 2020: 1097-1111.

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Multi-tiered Oral Narrative Instruction Improves Reading Comprehension and Writing

Petersen, D. B., Mesquita, M. W., Spencer, T. D., & Waldron, J. (2020). Examining the effects of multitiered oral language instruction on reading comprehension and writing. Topics in Language Disorders, 40 (4), pp. E25-E39.

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Multi-Tiered Dual Language Instruction: A Randomized Group Study

Spencer, T. D., Moran, M. K., Thompson, M. S., Petersen, D. B., & Restrepo, M. A. (2019). Early efficacy of multi-tiered dual language instruction: Promoting preschoolers’ Spanish and English language skills. AERA Open, 6(1) 1-16.

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Ten Principles for Effective Practice

Spencer, T. D., & Petersen, D. B. (2020). Narrative intervention: Principles to practice. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 1-16. https://doi.org/10.1044/2020_LSHSS-20-00015

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Recent News

Dr. Trina Spencer Receives Fulbright Award

The goals of Dr. Spencer’s Fulbright project, Storytelling in South Africa: Communication, Multilingualism, and Literacy, are to examine the structure of stories produced in multiple languages by South African children with and without disabilities, develop a culturally relevant storytelling intervention, and investigate its effect on children’s alternative communication. Read more.