B.S. Forensic Studies and Justice

New Requirements For the 2020-2021 Catalog Year 



REQUIRED COURSES: (24 credit hours)

Required Supporting Course: 1 course; 3 credit hours

  •  STA 2122 Social Science Statistics (3) or STA 2023 Introductory Statistics (3)

Major Core Courses: 3 courses; 9 credit hours

  • CCJ 3024 Survey of the Criminal Justice System (3)
  • CCJ 3117 Theories of Criminal Behavior (3)
  • CCJ 3701 Research Methods (3)

Other Required Course: 1 course; 3 credit hours

  • CJE 4244 Analytic Forensic Case Studies (3)
  • CCJ 4487 Ethics and the Criminal Justice System (3)
  • CJE 3650 Introduction to Forensic Science (3)
  • CJE 4731 Forensic Investigations (3) 


In addition to the above courses, students must enroll in 15 credit hours from the following list of courses:

  • CCJ 4934 Seminar in Criminology (3) (requires approval)
  • CCJ 3621 Patterns of Criminal Behavior (3)
  • CCJ 3666 Victimology (3)
  • CCJ 4450 Criminal Justice Administration (3)
  • CCJ 4900 Directed Readings (1-3)
  • CCJ 4910 Directed Research (1-3)
  • CCJ 4930 Critical Issues in Policing (3)
  • CCJ 4933 Selected Topics in Criminology (3)
  • CJC 4010 American Correctional Systems (3)
  • CJE 4010 Juvenile Justice System (3)
  • CJE 4114 American Law Enforcement Systems (3)
  • CJL 3110 Substantive Criminal Law (3)
  • CJL 3502 Introduction to Courts (3)
  • CJL 4410 Criminal Rights and Procedures (3)
  • CCJ 4940 Internship for Criminal Justice Majors (3)


  • No more than six (6) hours of CCJ 4900, CCJ 4910 or any combination of the two will be accepted toward the minimum number of hours in the major.
  • Major Grade Requirement “D” Rule: Forensic Studies and Justice majors are limited to one grade of "D+" or lower in their major coursework. Any student who receives a grade of "D+" or lower in more than one USF major course will either need to utilize grade forgiveness in order to comply with the rule or seek major reselection. Future registration in the major courses will be restricted for students who are not in compliance with the "D" rule. If a student has exhausted all available grade forgiveness opportunities and remains in non-compliance with the "D" rule, the student will be required to seek major reselection
  • These residence requirements are designed to ensure that transfer students who subsequently receive their baccalaureate degree from the University of South Florida with a major in Forensic Studies will have been exposed to the same body of knowledge in their major as those students who complete all or a major portion of their coursework at the University of South Florida.


Satisfactory completion of the following requirements: 

  • General Education Program (36 credit hours), including State Core General Education, State Computation and State Communication; 
  • Minimum of 120 unduplicated credit hours;
  • A minimum adjusted grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on all coursework taken at USF and an overall 2.0 GPA average on all college-level coursework;
  • Major and college requirements in a chosen degree program;
  • Nine credit hours of coursework taken during the summer term(s) (if entered USF with less than 60 credit hours); 
  • Registration and successful completion of at least thirty (30) of the last sixty (60) credit hours;
  • 42 credit hours of upper-level coursework;
  • Civics Literacy;
  • Foreign language admissions coursework.