Major in Criminology

The major can be completed entirely online or in-person. A total of 36 hours of criminology courses are required for completion of the major. A minimum of 30 hours must be completed through USF Tampa. 


  • CCJ 3024 Survey of Criminal Behavior
  • CCJ 3117 Theories of Criminal Behavior 
  • CCJ 3701 Research Methods 
  • CCJ 4934 Seminar in Criminology 

CCJ 3117 must be completed prior to CCJ 3701 with a C grade or higher

CCJ 3701 must be completed prior to CCJ 4934 with a C grade or higher


In addition to the above courses, students must enroll in 24 hours (8 classes) of Criminology elective courses. Not every elective is offered every semester. Possible courses to choose from include:

  • CCJ 3621 Patterns of Criminal Behavior 
  • CCJ 3014 Crime and Justice in America
  • CCJ 4681 Domestic Violence
  • CCJ 4690 Sex Offenders
  • CJL 4115 Environmental Law & Crime
  • CCJ 3666 Victimology 
  • CCJ 4224 Miscarriages of Justice 
  • CCJ 4613 Forensic Psychology 
  • CCJ 4361 Death Penalty 
  • CCJ 4662 Race and Crime 
  • CJC 4010 American Correctional System
  • CJE 4010 Juvenile Justice System 
  • CJE 4114 American Law Enforcement Systems
  • CJL 4410 Criminal Rights and Procedures
  • CJL 3110 Substantive Criminal Law
  • CJE 4610 Criminal Investigation
  • CCJ 4940 Internship (See advisor)
  • CCJ 4933 Topics Courses (Examples include: Serial Killers, Gangs, Crime & Public Policy, Cybercrime) Repeatable when taken under different titles.

Students majoring in criminology will be subject to the Department's "D/F" rule (no more than one D+ or below allowed in a Criminology course) and residency requirements.