Online Criminology Degree

Online 2+2 Program

The University of South Florida's online undergraduate degree in Criminology provides students with an in-depth exposure to all facets of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, detention, the judicial system, corrections, and probation and parole. The program provides students with a solid educational foundation to prepare for graduate work or professional training in the modern urban criminal justice system.

Note: If you don’t meet the admission requirements for the Online 2+2 Program, you can still apply to the regular B.A. Criminology degree and will still be able to complete the degree online.


  1. Major Details: A minimum of 36 semester hours are required, 30 of which must be completed at USF.
  2. Total Credits: 120 hours total to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
  3. Length: A two year program for transfer students
  4. Cost: $211.19 per credit for Florida residents $585.01 per credit for non-Florida residents
  5. Requirements are:    
    • At least 2.0GPA
    • an A.A. Degree
    • Two college level foreign language courses completed

REQUIRED COURSES (12 credit hours)

  • CCJ 3024 Survey of Criminal Behavior
  • CCJ 3117 Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • CCJ 3701 Research Methods
  • CCJ 4934 Seminar in Criminology

REQUIRED ELECTIVES: (24 credit hours)

• CCJ 3621 Patterns of Criminal Behavior • CCJ 3666 Victimology
• CCJ 4224 Miscarriages of Justice • CCJ 4604 Abnormal Behavior
• CCJ 4361 Death Penalty • CCJ 4613 Forensic Psychology
• CCJ 4651 Drugs and Crime • CCJ 4662 Race and Crime
• CCJ 4681 Domestic Violence • CCJ 4690 Sex Offenders
• CJE 4010 Juvenile Justice • CJE 4610 Criminal Investigation
• CCJ 4933 Topics Courses (Examples Include: Cybercrime, Media & Crime, Gangs and Violence, At-Risk Youth)

This list will vary. For a full list of electives, visit Major in Criminology: click here

For more information about the on-line program, click here.

Application Deadline: June 1 for fall entry and October 1 for spring entry. For more information on how to apply, click here.

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CCJ Online Academic Coach
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