Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminology

(Traditional Program – Online or In-Person)


USF’s undergraduate degree in Criminology provides students with an in-depth exposure to all facets of the criminal justice system and prepares students for a wide array of career options.

Benefits of the Traditional Degree Program

Applying to USF:

The BA in Criminology is not a special access program. Students will need to meet the requirements set forth by the USF Admissions office. For more information on transfer student admission requirements, please click here.

If you meet the admissions requirements and receive a letter of acceptance from Admissions, you will be eligible to declare a major in Criminology. Completing an A.A. from a Florida College System Institution prior to transfer is helpful, but not required. 

Students transferring with an A.A. degree from a Florida College System Institution:
Students without an AA degree from a Florida College System Institution:
Foreign Language Exit Requirement (FLEX):
Traditional Program Online Option:

The traditional BA in Criminology can be completed entirely online, except for USF Orientation, which must be completed in-person. General Education and Foreign Language options might be more limited, but it is still possible to complete these and the criminology major courses entirely online. 

Online 2 + 2 Program



Admission Requirements

Note: If you don’t meet the admission requirements for the Online 2+2 Program, you can still apply to the regular B.A. Criminology degree and will still be able to complete the degree online.