Program Requirements

General University requirements for graduate work must be fulfilled and a minimum of 120 hours of regularly scheduled academic course work and clinical practica at the graduate level designed to meet competencies set by the American Speech‐Language‐Hearing Association. Also required for graduation are the attainment of a "B‐" or better in each graduate Audiology course, the attainment of clinical competence determined by a GPA of 3.0 in all clinical practica and academic coursework, satisfactory passage of annual comprehensive didactic and clinical oral examinations and a national examination in the specialty of Audiology, and successful completion of an audiology doctoral project. A student with a bachelor's degree in any field may enter the four‐year post‐baccalaureate program. However, students who lack undergraduate coursework in Communication Sciences and Disorders may be required to add several courses to their graduate program. A student with a master's degree and State License in Audiology or the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC‐A) may be admitted into an individualized program of study.


Total Minimum Hours: 120

Audiology Science Core:
SPA 6392 Professional Audiology
SPA 5303 Auditory Anatomy & Physiology
SPA 5120 Psychoacoustics
SPA 5132 Audiology Instrumentation
SPA 5153 Quantitative Problem Solving in Speech Path. & Aud.
SPA 6805 Research Procedures in Communication Disorders

Audiology Practice Core:
SPA 5328 Rehabilitative Audiology for Adults
SPA 6311 Medical Audiology
SPA 6340 Principles of Amplification I
SPA 6341 Principles of Amplification II
SPA 6307 Speech Perception and Hearing Loss
SPA 6305 Pediatric Audiology
SPA 6314 Electrophysiology
SPA 6316 Vestibular Evaluation and Treatment
SPA 6393 Audiology Practice Management
SPA 6354 Hearing Conservation
SPA 7346 Cochlear Implants
SPA 7150 Advanced Speech Science Seminar
SPA 7332 Advanced Electrophysiology
SPA 7330 Advanced Vestibular
SPA 7331 Advanced Medical Audiology
SPA 6324 Aural Rehabilitation: Children

Practical Experience:
SPA 6535L Clinical Lab I
SPA 6536L Clinical Lab II
SPA 6505 Clinic I
SPA 6505 Clinic II
SPA 6505 Clinic III
SPA 6508 Clerkship I
SPA 6508 Clerkship II
SPA 6508 Clerkship III
SPA 6508 Externship I
SPA 6508 Externship II
SPA 6508 Externship III

Audiology Doctoral Project (ADP):
SPA 6910 Directed Research
SPA 7834 Audiology Doctoral Project Seminar

Annual Examination

Students in Audiology will be evaluated at the end of each year of coursework. The purpose of these examinations is twofold: 1) Determine eligibility for continuation in academic coursework and practical experiences; and 2) Determine areas of weakness that will require remediation. Individualized remediation programs will be designed, if needed, by the student under the supervision of the Audiology faculty and may include the completion of additional written
papers, projects, and/or additional course work.

Audiology Doctoral Project

The goal of the Audiology Doctoral Project (ADP) is to provide an experience in basic or applied research or evidence-based practice. Upon completion of the ADP, students are expected to continue to be critical consumers of research and be able to apply current research findings to their practice of audiology. It is expected that all students will complete the ADP experience before the end of the third year of study. The ADP must be completed and defended prior to graduation.