Research Facilities - Adult Neurogenic Cognitive-Communication Laboratory

The overarching theme of the Adult Neurogenic Cognitive-Communication Lab is the development and evaluation of interventions designed to improve the quality of life of persons with neurogenic disorders and their caregivers. Current projects include:

  1. Evaluation of a Memory Strategies course for persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment;
  2. Evaluation of VoiceMyChoiceTM a tool for enabling persons with dementia to make choices and indicate preferences; and
  3. Development of DementiaBank, a database of language samples from persons with dementia. Trained volunteers transcribe audio files from the DementiaBank corpora in the TalkBank database, and code the transcriptions using the CLAN (Computerized Language Analysis software developed for CHILDES (Child Language Data Exchange System) for data analysis by current and future researchers. Language tasks in DementiaBank to date include: Word comparison (current), Cookie theft picture description, Sentence construction, Verbal fluency, and Story recall.

Other projects under development include: Maintaining Identity in Dementia through Art, Improving quality of life in long-term care through Montessori-based programming, and Cognitive Interventions for Memory and Executive Function in Traumatic Brain Injury (investigations of the effectiveness of the Spaced Retrieval training technique for memory and executive function goal mastery and generalization of everyday behaviors).

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