Student Research Opportunities


The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) at the University of South Florida is dedicated to research and education related to substance use and related disorders. FMHI invites undergraduate students to apply for a highly selective Summer Research Institute that is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The Summer Research Institute (SRI@FMHI) is designed for students interested in building their research skills within the context of substance use and co-occuring disorders to help them prepare for a Senior Thesis and/or graduate school.

Undergraduate Research Certificate

The Undergraduate Research Certificate is designed for students interested in learning about research in the behavioral and community sciences. The certificate provides a planned sequence of courses to support the systematic development of students as undergraduate researchers. The certificate is intended: (1) to provide students who plan to apply to graduate school with a credential signifying their completion of a systematic undergraduate research preparation program, (2) to encourage students to pursue research mentorships that will lead to the completion of an independent research project, and (3) to guide students toward the goal of disseminating the results of their research at a national conference or peer-reviewed publication. Students in the certificate will have the opportunity to apply for Undergraduate Research Assistants. An overall GPA of at least 2.5 must be maintained. A grade of "B" must be obtained in all courses applying toward the certificate.

CBCS Undergraduate Research Assistantships

CBCS students may apply for one-semester undergraduate research assistantships to work with CBCS faculty on research projects. These assistantships are awarded every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) and are designed to support undergraduate students conducting research. Priority is given to students enrolled in the undergraduate research certificate.

Undergraduate Research Scholarship sponsored by The Moms Project

Three CBCS faculty who share a passion for mentoring undergraduate students in research, also share the experience of caring for their mothers whose average age is 92. As the years passed, these faculty affectionately began to refer to their mothers as The Moms. They often took The Moms to dinner, to USF basketball games, and to social events together. Each of these mothers had dreams and aspirations that were delayed or unfulfilled because of the Great Depression and World War II. The Moms Project honors these three strong women by establishing undergraduate research assistantships in areas of special interest to each mother.

  • The Alice Armstrong Assistantship is awarded to a student conducting research in the area of substance abuse and its impact on families.
  • The Ruth Boothroyd Assistantship is awarded to a student conducting research in nutrition and well being.
  • The Ellen Nizzi Assistantship is awarded to a student conducting research on positive aging across the lifespan.

Students are eligible to apply for one of the Moms Project assistantships if they are (1) an undergraduate student pursuing a major or minor in CBCS; (2) conducting research in one of the areas of special interest to The Moms; and (3) collaborating with a CBCS faculty member and/or doctoral student who will serve as a research mentor for the undergraduate student. For more information about the scholarship, contact Jennifer Lister, Associate Dean.