Ceremony Information

Regalia & Sashes

Summer 2020 Virtual Commencement info

In addition to our Virtual Commencement, the university will offer several ways for our students and families to engage with one another via social media. Details regarding this will be shared as we near the Virtual Commencement weekend.

Class rings, graduation announcements and diploma frames can be ordered directly from Herff Jones.

Caps, gowns, tassels and hoods can be ordered directly from the USF Bookstore:

  • Bachelor's and master's regalia can be ordered online
  • Doctoral regalia must be ordered over the phone: (813) 974-7959
  • Please note that honors medallions for summer 2020 undergraduate students will only be eligible for purchase approximately two weeks prior to the end of the semester once the Registrar's Office has provided the list of qualifying students

Honors sashes for undergraduate students can be ordered from Oak Hall. Please download the order form.

Regalia (Cap & Gown)


Regalia (a cap & gown) is required to participate in commencement. Regalia is different for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral candidates. Military uniforms may be worn in lieu of regalia.

Several companies may try to sell caps and gowns. To be certain that you are getting the USF-approved regalia, please order from the USF Bookstore.

Advance ordering of regalia for bachelor and master recipients is available online and during Grad Stampede. Regalia will be on sale at the USF Bookstore beginning the week before finals.

Doctoral regalia orders are taken in advance earlier in the semester, either 6 weeks prior to the ceremony for purchased regalia or 4 weeks prior to the ceremony for rental regalia. Payment is made at the time of purchase.

Out-of-town students should contact the Bookstore to make regalia arrangements. Please call Bookstore Customer Service at (813) 974-2067 for all regalia inquiries.


  • Bachelor's set (cap/gown/tassel) = $67.00 plus tax
  • Master's set (cap/gown/tassel/hood) = $103.00 plus tax
  • Doctoral set for purchase (gown/tam/hood): $918.00 = $674 gown + $139 hood + $105 tam plus tax and shipping
  • Doctoral rental option A: $201.00 = rental gown/hood, keeper tam, plus tax and shipping
  • Doctoral rental option B: $299.00 = rental gown only, keeper hood and tam, plus tax and shipping

Doctoral regalia for purchase needs to be ordered 6 weeks prior to the ceremony. Doctoral regalia for rental needs to be placed 4 weeks prior to the ceremony.

Doctoral tams are not available for rent due to health considerations. Doctoral students can replace a tam with a mortarboard, but it is not recommended.

Honor Society Sashes

Undergraduate students who are members of official registered honor societies may opt to purchase and wear an honor sash. Each sash is custom made for each bearer. This distinction is not for all students who may be graduating with honors, but only for those who are members of honor societies.

To order honor sashes, call the USF Bookstore at (813) 974-2067.

Honor Medallion

Graduates may purchase an honor medallion if their name is on the official "graduating with honors" list posted at the USF Bookstore. Only Bachelor candidates wear honor medallions. Medallions will be on sale at the USF Bookstore at the same time as regalia.

International Sashes

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Office of International Services will reach out to eligible graduates to place a sash order directly with our vendor and sashes will be shipped directly to an address provided by the student. For questions, please contact Kristen Zernick at kzernick@usf.edu.