Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell

External Contacts

This Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide will assist you in doing the right thing when coming into contact with entities external to our organization. Here you can learn how to appropriately respond to requests from members of the media; being served with legal process in relation to your USF employment; and more.

The Florida Code of Ethics

Need some non-legalese advice on employee responsibilities under the Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (FCOE); i.e., our code of ethics as USF employees? Use these Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guides to learn about what is restricted or not permissible under the FCOE when it comes to gifts; certain business, employment, or contractual relationships; and more.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

All USF employees and employees at USF-related entities (including companies conducting business with USF) have a responsibility to immediately report suspected fraudulent or dishonest acts. Use this Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide to learn more about your responsibilities went it comes to fraud prevention, detection, and reporting at our institution.

Information Technology Resources

This Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide contains key points every employee within the USF needs to know about using information technology (IT) resources in a responsible, ethical, and lawful manner according to state and federal laws, USF rules, regulations, policies, and within the terms of software license agreements.

Outside Activity

Use this Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide to learn more Faculty, Administration, Staff, and Temporary employees’ outside activity disclosure responsibilities. Need advice on how to handle your specific situation? This guide provides you with valuable contact information and more.

Retaliation, Retributions, and Reprisals

Need a general overview of what you should do if you believe retaliation may have been taken against you as a result of your good faith filing of a grievance, compliant, or report of violation of law, rule, regulation, policy, or other misconduct? While not a substitute for consulting official USF business, this Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide gives this valuable information and more.

USF Records

Florida Public Records Law provides that most USF records are public and open to inspection by any person requesting such access; however, certain records may contain information that is confidential and therefore exempt from disclosure. Use this Compliance & Ethics in a Nutshell guide to learn about employee responsibilities when it comes to public records law compliance and more.