Foundations of NIL

You keep hearing about NIL deals. But do you really know what it takes to land one? The University of South Florida's new Foundations of NIL Certificate Program is an essential certificate program for student-athletes, parents, administrators, and coaches.

Training that Unlocks Opportunities

With the NCAA now allowing athletes to profit from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), the impact and financial prospects of college athletes are set to expand beyond the sports arena and into their online presence. For student-athletes, parents, and administrators seeking to navigate the intricacies of NIL deals, the University of South Florida‘s new Foundations of NIL Certificate Program is a quintessential guide. 

College athletes across the country have been signing deals with the vast majority being related to social media posts but there is opportunity for so much more than that! 

This is a rapidly changing marketplace and this this innovative, four-module online program will help students, families, coaches and leaders in the business of sport make informed choices in the emerging and ever-changing NIL landscape.  Participants will discover what it takes to successfully use social media, learn how to build powerful personal brands, and gain an understanding of key things that athletes need to know about signing NIL deals.

Program Details

Available to professionals and students alike, most people complete this four-module program in 4 hours. Participants gain a solid grasp of the fundamental tenets underpinning NIL rights and their relevance to student-athletes. They will be able to access a 10-step guide to crafting compelling personal brands that resonate with the intended audience, attracting promising opportunities. Participants will walk away understanding what it takes to make a good NIL deal and the ability to develop, activate, and monetize an NIL – and they will have a digital Credly badge to prove it.

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Who Should Enroll?

This certificate program is essential for anyone connected to the sports industry, including student-athletes (collegiate or high schoolers aiming for a collegiate career), parents, coaches, athletic directors and collegiate administrators, and former athletes.

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World Class Instructors, World Class Production

One of the things that sets this certificate program apart is the caliber of instructors and guest speakers who practice what they teach. They are leaders with real-life industry knowledge and first-hand experience related to D1 sports and the business of sport. Partnering seamlessly with the USF Innovative Education production team, they've meticulously crafted a dynamic, high-energy learning experience that is second to none.

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Check out this video to learn more about the NIL certificate from our amazing instructors. 

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3 things

In the ever-evolving world of collegiate athletics, the rules of the game are changing. It's no longer just about scoring touchdowns or sinking three-pointers. Student-athletes need to make the most of the opportunities that Name, Image, and Likeness affords. Here are three things student-athletes, their parents, and sports leaders need to know about NIL to navigate this new frontier.Alt Text


University of South Florida‘s Corporate Training and Professional Education provides dozens of professional growth programs that empower individuals to advance their careers. The CTPE team has partnered with Total NIL, USF Innovative Education and InEd Studios, USF Athletics, and the organizations below to produce a certificate program that is timely and relevant, with unmatchable quality.

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