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General FAQ

Will students and employees be able to return to campus this fall? (6/23)

Yes. The university is gradually resuming operations on each of our campuses in preparation for the start of the fall semester. University leadership have developed a complete plan outlining each step of this process. The plan has been approved for adoption by the Florida Board of Governors and is available to read here.

Has there been a case of coronavirus at the University of South Florida? (3/18)

Yes. Please refer to the USF Cases page for detailed information.

Will areas on campus with confirmed cases be cleaned and sanitized? (3/19)

Yes. The areas utilized by an employee/student who test positive will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines.

I recently visited or work nearby a location on campus with a confirmed case. Should I self-isolate? Can I get tested? (6/18)

The Florida Dept. of Health (FDOH) will notify all those individuals who had high-risk contact with this staff member, as determined by FDOH. If you have not heard from the FDOH, then you are at low risk.  All who are low risk should still pay close attention to their health. Please practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene, get rest, maintain proper nutrition and stay away from those who may have health conditions and the elderly. If you develop symptoms, please self-isolate, contact your supervisor and reach out to a medical provider, who can advise you whether to get tested. 

Student Health Services:
  • Tampa Student Health Services (SHS100) at 813-974-2331
  • St. Petersburg Wellness Center (SLC 2200) at 727-873-4422
  • Sarasota-Manatee Counseling and Wellness Center (5805 Bay Shore Rd.) at 941-487-4254
Faculty & Staff:
Florida Department of Health
  • (866) 779-6121

I have just learned through a positive test that I have COVID-19.  Who do I need to notify (6/18)?

Anyone testing positive must self-isolate as directed by a medical provider. A staff or faculty member should notify their supervisor immediately. The supervisor should notify Dr. Lynette Menezes at

Students should contact Student Health Services:
  • Tampa Student Health Services (SHS100) at 813-974-2331
  • St. Petersburg Wellness Center (SLC 2200) at 727-873-4422
  • Sarasota-Manatee Counseling and Wellness Center (5805 Bay Shore Rd.) at 941-487-4254

Are USF Health clinics open to patients and visitors? (3/17)

Please visit the patient care website for up-to-date information and instructions for patients and visitors.

Are campus tours canceled? (3/11)

Yes. All upcoming campus tours and events, including housing tours, are canceled. 

How will mail services be handled at the USF Post Office? (3/25)

Please visit the USF Post Office's COVID-19 FAQ page for details. 

I know of a USF student who needs financial help. Where do I refer them to? (6/23)

USF has made an unprecedented investment of $20 million to help students who are experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic remain on a path to timely graduation. The university has begun awarding the We Got U-SF Scholarships and Waivers to nearly 22,000 eligible undergraduate and graduate students to encourage full-time enrollment in the fall semester. Eligible students will receive an email from USF’s Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Admissions. 

Along with this initiative, the university is also distributing funds from the CARES Act as well as from several fundraising efforts designed to support students who may be struggling. Students can learn more about these programs and apply for funding through USF’s Office of Financial Aid.

Half of the CARES Act funding is going to USF students as required by the federal government. How is the university using the other 50 percent of the funds distributed? (4/27)

Institutions will receive allocations and guidance for the institutional share of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund in the coming weeks. Institutions will be able to use these funds to cover costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus. 

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