Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an evolving situation. Please refer to the most recent information presented. 

USF students, faculty and staff: Please check your USF email frequently. Your email will be used to convey targeted information.

Community Health FAQ

For any confirmed case at USF, the following protocol and procedures apply.

Will areas on campus with confirmed cases be cleaned and sanitized? (3/19)

Yes. The areas utilized by an employee/student who test positive will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines. 

I recently visited or work nearby a location on campus with a confirmed case. Should I self-isolate? Can I get tested? (3/19)

The Florida Dept. of Health (FDOH) will notify all those individuals who had high-risk contact with this staff member, as determined by FDOH. If you have not heard from the FDOH, then you are at low risk and there is no need to be tested at this time. All who are low risk should still pay close attention to their health. Please practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene, get rest, maintain proper nutrition and stay away from those who may have health conditions and the elderly. If you develop symptoms, please self-isolate and contact a medical provider at SHS or at a location where you are residing now.

Currently there is no voluntary testing available for individuals who are not symptomatic or have not been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. If you develop symptoms, please self-isolate and contact a medical provider at SHS or at a location where you are residing now.

Student Health Services:
  • Tampa Student Health Services (SHS100) at 813-974-2331
  • St. Petersburg Wellness Center (SLC 2200) at 727-873-4422
  • Sarasota-Manatee Counseling and Wellness Center (5805 Bay Shore Rd.) at 941-487-4254
Faculty & Staff:
Florida Department of Health
  • (866) 779-6121

Has there been a case of coronavirus at the University of South Florida? (3/18)

Yes. Please refer to the USF Cases page for detailed information.

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19? (3/18)

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, he or she will receive specific guidance and monitoring from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), and FDOH will reach out to any others who may have come into contact with the individual to provide further guidance.

Are USF Health clinics open to patients and visitors? (3/17)

Please visit the patient care website for up-to-date information and instructions for patients and visitors. 

Where can I find the most up-to-date health and safety information from reputable sources? (1/27)

Should I wear a mask if I need to go on campus? (4/7)

Per recommendations from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, USF employees who must come to campus are advised to cover their faces with a bandanna or some other cloth when working around other people in order to reduce the spread of the virus.  The face coverings are not intended to be protective devices for those wearing them, but rather they help minimize exposure to others when an individual coughs or exhales. Employees should continue to maintain social distancing (keep at least six feet between you and others), wash hands frequently with warm water and soap, wipe down frequently touched surfaces with disinfectants, avoid touching their faces, and self-isolate and call a medical professional if they develop any COVID-19-like symptoms (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing).  Note that any cloth face coverings used in this manner should be washed daily in hot water.

Travel FAQ

Is it safe to travel internationally? (3/20)

The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.

What can I expect upon my return to the United States if I have visited a CDC Level 3 country? (3/10)

Individuals must contact USF Student Health Services prior to their return to the United States.  If you have come into contact with a case of COVID-19 or are returning from a location currently classified as CDC Level 3, you will need to be self-isolated for 14 days off campus.  During these 14 days, you will be monitored twice a day for the development of fever, cough and difficulty breathing. If you become symptomatic, you will be connected with the Florida Department of Health so that you can be further evaluated for COVID-19 in a medical setting that protects the patient and the community.

Will Education Abroad Summer Programs continue as planned? (3/12)

No. USF's spring and summer faculty-led programming, through July 31, 2020, has been canceled. USF will remove all study abroad program costs placed on your student account. We hope to have all of this completed within a 30-day period. Find more information on student travel changes. 

General FAQ

Are athletics events canceled? (3/16)

In accordance with American Athletic Conference directive concerning COVID-19, all athletic competition and championships have been canceled for the remainder of the academic year. In addition, all American institutions have ceased practicing. For further details, please visit the USF Athletics website.

Will USF still hold spring Commencement? (4/8)

Spring 2020 Commencement scheduled for May is postponed until further notice. Summer Commencement ceremonies held in August will be expanded to allow all spring graduates the opportunity to participate. Final ceremony times and college ceremony assignments will be announced soon, depending on participation rates. To help us adequately plan, we ask that all spring graduates who are interested in attending our August ceremonies complete this survey.

In addition, a virtual Commencement will be hosted for each of our three campuses. These ceremonies will be viewable during the planned weekend of Commencement on Saturday, May 9, and will include the names of each individual graduate on the screen. We also are exploring various ways for our graduates to interact with us from afar, via social media. Please visit the Commencement website for more information and updates.

Are university events canceled? (3/17)

As of March 17, all university-sponsored events on campus, at other USF instructional sites or off campus are postponed or canceled until further notice.

Per federal guidance, all face-to-face meetings, organizational gatherings or other social events should be canceled or conducted virtually.

Are campus tours canceled? (3/11)

Yes. All upcoming campus tours and events, including housing tours, are canceled. 

Are summer orientation sessions canceled? (3/16)

The Orientation team is currently planning to host summer 2020 orientation sessions as scheduled. However, alternative arrangements are being made should the need to cancel in-person sessions arise. For further details, please visit Office of Orientation.

How will mail services be handled at the USF Post Office? (3/25)

Pleases visit the USF Post Office's COVID-19 FAQ page for details. 

Will returned parking permits continue to be refunded? (3/30)

Due to the current and possible future financial impact of the COVID-19 situation, USF will not be issuing refunds for parking permits. This decision is to ensure Parking and Transportation Services can continue to meet existing requirements while maintaining our parking facilities and covering operational costs. During this time, Parking and Transportation Services is providing services to the university community on a limited basis and will continue its efforts to provide the best parking experience possible once normal operations resume. We appreciate your understanding. Read more on the Parking and Transportation Services website.

What if I still have questions?

For additional questions about USF and coronavirus, contact