Returning to Campus

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection

The university has developed enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols for all resumption phases that align with CDC guidelines and public health recommendations. Enhanced cleaning/disinfection protocols consist of additional focus on high touch points/surfaces (e.g., tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.) utilizing EPA registered products and/or CDC approved disinfection materials effective for COVID-19. Hand dryers in the restrooms will be temporarily disabled and paper towels will be used. Hand dryers can increase the risk of contamination.

Responsibility for enhanced cleaning/disinfection has been clearly delineated depending on the space type. For example, Custodial Services (internal or contract) will conduct enhanced cleaning/ disinfection in areas traditionally serviced including, but not limited to, conference/teaching areas and public/common areas (e.g., building entries, lobbies, atria, restrooms, elevators, elevator lobbies, break rooms, etc.). End users/occupants will be responsible for enhanced cleaning/disinfection in private/shared offices, research labs and core/common labs. In addition, educational and learning spaces (classrooms, teaching labs, computer labs, etc.) will be centrally supplied with cleaning/ disinfection supplies in order for end users/occupants to supplement custodial services between classes. University Auxiliary and DSO functions have developed synonymous enhanced cleaning/ disinfection protocols that align with the university’s established standards.

In order to respond to potential positive COVID-19 cases within the university community and associated spaces, resources (equipment including sprayers, foggers, misters as well as associated disinfection products and personnel) have been secured/coordinated to effectively disinfect potentially impacted areas and restore academic and business continuity in an efficient manner. In addition, the university maintains continuing services contracts with vendors experienced and equipped to efficiently execute large scale enhanced disinfection, if required to supplement the university’s internal resources.  

The university’s Division of Administrative Services/Facilities Management is coordinating the purchase, installation and maintenance of standardized disinfecting/sanitizing supplies for all campuses and will provide disposable sanitizing wipes, spray bottles, or equivalent, dependent on supply. Multiple resource, sourcing and distribution plans have been developed in order to address potential supply shortages and variable business needs. An assessment of spatial needs across the university for disinfection/sanitizing stations, kits and/or resource distribution mechanisms has been conducted and implementation is underway. Administrative Services/Facilities Management will maintain all USF standardized disinfecting/sanitizing supplies in all E&G buildings and staff will be dedicated to monitoring and refilling the standardized sanitizer stations/bottles/kits, disposable sanitizing wipes and restroom hand washing supplies.  

Purchasing, distribution and material maintenance plans have been shared and coordinated with university Auxiliary and DSO functions in order to facilitate sourcing, potential cost savings via bulk purchase, as well as a consistent approach across all university locations. In addition, Administrative Services/Facilities Management will also serve as a resource to the university community to assist in the procurement and distribution of additional cleaning supplies and sanitizers based on individual departmental needs.