Returning to Campus

Guiding Principles & Recovery Goals

Guiding Principles

The University of South Florida is committed to promoting the health and safety of every member of the university community and to delivering high quality instruction, including resuming some in-person classes in the fall of 2020. The following Guiding Principles lay a foundation for returning to on-campus operations and guide USF leadership in decision making about the Fall 2020 semester.

  • Utilizing scientific, medical and public health data, and expertise, to inform decision-making,
  • Aligning with national, statewide and local authorities, to implement prudent and rigorous precautions to promote campus health and safety,
  • Fostering a commitment to shared responsibility in promoting campus safety,
  • Embracing flexibility, adaptability and innovation in shaping a resumption of in-person operations,
  • Optimizing student access and student success,
  • Delivering high quality instruction and assuring student learning outcomes through multi-modal platforms,
  • Providing expanded access to support services to meet student, faculty and staff needs,
  • Reinvigorating research, scholarly and creative activity across the university,
  • Strengthening research partnerships to serve the university and broader community needs,
  • Exercising proactive planning and sound fiscal practices to preserve the core mission of the university.

Recovery Goals for COVID-19

USF is proud of the unique, vibrant and resilient community brought together by students, faculty, staff, vendors, volunteers, visitors and all those surrounding the university. The ways in which members of our  community  have contributed to not only the USF community, but to their hometowns and beyond, during this pandemic illustrates how  we uphold the values set forth by those who founded the university in 1956. USF’s commitment to community is demonstrated by the tireless work of frontline healthcare workers and public health professionals from USF Health, as well as the tremendous contributions of those in the College of Engineering, College of Arts, USF World, USF Foundation and countless others. Additionally, we are continuously guided by researchers and other professionals throughout USF.

As we return to a new normal, there are two goals – one short term and one long term – that USF will strive to meet:

Short Term

  • Transition in a phased approach back to on-campus operations while continuing to implement social distancing measures as indicated by the data.

Long Term

  • Promote academic continuity and economic, community, and sustained public health recovery for the University.

USF does not expect linear implementation of this plan; we will need to adapt as circumstances change and each campus may progress through the phases at the rate appropriate to each local health environment. We will continue to monitor data on COVID-19 or other communicable diseases that pose a risk to our community and will institute measures as necessary to mitigate transmission.