The University of South Florida intends to use a four-phase approach to gradually resume in-person activities on our campuses with measures in place to promote a healthy and safe environment. Each phase limits the number of individuals on campus and includes precautions to reduce community transmission of coronavirus and mitigate the possible exposure of returning students, faculty and staff. Our decisions to progress to the next phase, or scale back operations if COVID-19 conditions change, will be made by analyzing factors such as public health and epidemiological data; governmental orders and recommendations; and the availability of personal protective equipment. Please consult this website for information on the university's current phase of reopening and for specific guidance on returning to campus for each phase. For the latest updates from the university pertaining to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please see our Coronavirus Updates. You may also download the full PDF document of the university's plan to resume operations. 

USF is currently in Phase I

Phase I allows for up to 25% of staff returning to the campuses, based on space configuration, and allows additional critical functions to be performed beyond those allowed in the planning period while continuing to enforce strict protective measures to limit exposure of returning employees and reduce potential for community transmission. All course instruction continues remotely and all individuals who can work remotely should continue to do so.

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Guidance for Returning to Campus

Departments across the university are creating and implementing plans to put in place during each phase of the university's reopening. Information on these pages are highlights of these plans but are subject to change based on epidemiological data trends and further guidance from the university’s Executive Policy Group (EPG) and external sources, such as the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Any deans, department chairs and other unit leaders who feel it’s necessary for some of their faculty or staff to return to campus in phase I or phase II can make a request using the form available here.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection

USF has developed enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols for all resumption phases that align with CDC guidelines and public health recommendations. Protocols consist of additional focus on high touch points/surfaces utilizing products and/or materials effective for COVID-19. 

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Hygiene and PPE

USF will issue two (2) reusable and washable cloth face coverings for each student, staff and faculty member. Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided if the daily activity/tasks necessitate the usage of such equipment.

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Testing, tracing and surveillance

USF students and employees will need to adopt prevention and mitigation strategies to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. To measure the adoption of these changes, we will implement a surveillance system to evaluate the prevalence of the virus within our community.

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Academic Program Delivery

A flexible hybrid academic model has been designed and adopted for delivery of both undergraduate and graduate classes in Fall 2020. This is intended to maximize flexibility and to support a mix of academic delivery formats to meet diverse student needs.

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Housing, Dining & Parking

Numerous protective measures and social distancing protocols that align with the CDC, USF COVID-19 Task Force and State/local government guidelines have been implemented for Residence Halls, dining services and parking and transportation.

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Healthy community environment

As a multi-campus institution, USF has a footprint in four counties and draws its workforce from at least a six-county area. Our efforts to mitigate transmission of COVID-19 must necessarily be coordinated with those of these surrounding communities.

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Athletics and Extracurriculars

Engagement and involvement activities are important aspects of the college experience. Although the necessary safety regulations may at first seem to minimize social interaction, the focus is on physically distancing rather than on social distancing.

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Research & Space Planning

Critical research efforts have continued throughout the duration of the COVID-19 response with modified operations for physical distancing and enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols. USF will be flexible in allowing employees to continue telework as appropriate.

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Wellness Support

USF is committed to promoting comprehensive health and well-being of its students. We provide an array of health and wellness services and programs on all campuses. In our phased-approach to resuming operations, multiple health services will remain in a hybrid mode.

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Human Resources

USF employees will be returning to on-campus work in a phased approach. When planning for the return of employees to campus, units must continue to meet both business requirements and health and safety standards. We are committed to flexibility in meeting both obligations.

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Frequently asked questions

Find links to frequently asked questions about coronavirus relevant to students, international students, new students and parents, faculty and staff of the University of South Florida. For additional questions about USF and COVID-19, contact COVIDquestions@usf.edu.

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