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Fall 2021

Where can I find updated information on the Fall 2021 semester? (8/13/21)

**This is a very fluid, dynamic situation, so please understand that the university’s circumstances could change at any time. We deeply appreciate your patience and adaptability as we work to respond to this evolving situation.

When will employees return to campus? (5/13/21)

Recognizing the fundamental need for in-person interaction at a major research university, USF plans a safe return to pre-COVID operations, classes and activities starting in Summer B on June 28. An academic and research enterprise comes to life when we bring creative minds together, facilitating serendipitous moments of connection that happen with physical proximity. With this in mind, many of us will return fully to campus, either due to the nature of individual job duties or personal preferences. 

At the same time, there have been many lessons learned over the past year. Many of our employees have thrived with the flexibility provided by remote work. Some essential student and employee services should continue to be offered virtually, as a complement to in-person services. We also acknowledge that the global marketplace for talent is evolving toward flexible work, creating more competition for top performers who can help us reach our aspirations for Top 25 U.S. News and World Report rankings and AAU eligibility.

Read more information on The Future of Work at USF.

Are you planning for full room capacity or COVID capacity or something in-between? (5/6/21)

We are planning on full room capacity beginning June 28.

If there is a significant spike in COVID-19 cases at some point during the semester, will face-to-face courses shift online? (8/9/21)

In accordance with Board of Governors’ guidance, USF continues to plan for a return to in-person classes and activities in the fall. Any decisions to pivot to temporary remote course instruction will be made under direction from the Board of Governors. 

Returning to Campus

I’m an employee working remotely. Once I have the vaccine can I return to work on campus? (5/21/21)

Employees should continue to work with their supervisors regarding remote and in-person work options. 

HR has designed a series of toolkits, policies and training materials to begin the dialogue between supervisors and employees.

Can in-person meetings and/or events resume?  (5/20/21)

In-person meetings and in-person events, on or off campus, can take place. However, it is still prudent to meet remotely when possible as we work through this transition and as we move toward the Future of Work at USF, which embraces flexibility as appropriate for the nature of each job. Thoroughly review the university’s Event Safety Manual prior to hosting an event.

Requests for in-person events hosted by university employees, students, and guests should follow existing university policy.

I am in a high-risk category and am not comfortable returning to campus. What do I do? (5/18/21)

Our return-to-campus plan has further guidance for employees not able to work remotely, but who are concerned about returning to campus. Employees limited in returning to campus because of a disability, for example, should consult Central HR or your unit’s HR professional to consider available options for ADA accommodations or the possibility of FMLA leave. If an employee is limited in returning to campus due to general concerns, then regular leave and assignment policies should apply.

Faculty members in a “high risk” category will be given priority to teach their courses online as a reasonable accommodation consistent with their collective bargaining agreement.

I have been instructed to report back to campus; however, I have some concerns about returning so soon. Whom should I contact? (6/23/20)

Please contact the Employee Relations team or your Regional HR office and they will assist you.

Will there be hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies available? (5/21/21)

The university will continue to provide hand sanitizer/disinfectant and encourage its use. Please contact your supervisor or building manger for questions and with supply requests.

Are USF employees allowed to travel? (5/21/21)

For domestic travel, no prior approval is required. In keeping with CDC travel guidance, international travel remains restricted; exceptions will be reviewed by USF World and the COVID-19 Task Force To request international travel:

Please refer to CDC guidance regarding specific travel recommendations:

Human Resources, Attendance and Leave

What leave guidance is applicable to employees who are, or have a family member, infected with COVID-19? (9/30/21)

Some provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) have been extended for paid sick leave under specified reasons related to COVID-19. Please visit the HR website to review eligibility criteria and access the application for leave.

I'm really stressed out. I'm nervous about being able to do my job. Is this a normal feeling? (3/19/20)

The university offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides support and assistance for a variety of concerns. 


For vaccine questions, visit our vaccinations page or email

For information on testing, incident reporting, isolation and quarantine protocols, visit our mitigation page.

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