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Elementary CyberCamp

Elementary CyberCamp

Camp Overview

USF’s Elementary CyberCamp offers students in grades 3-5 an exciting, interactive experience problem solving through hands-on learning with various technologies. Taking on the role of a secret agent working at a secret global organization, students will team up to prevent and defend against cyber attackers while learning about the multiple layers of security within a system. 

Students work up the ranks as secret agent recruits for the Cybersecurity Agency for Global Engagement (C.A.G.E.) by solving puzzles, taking virtual tours, and gathering information to expose a mole within the organization! This immersive, high-energy cooperative simulation will give students knowledge in foundational computing concepts, including skills associated with cybersecurity, computing architecture and coding. In addition to the program’s curriculum, students will develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to their own interactions within the digital world.

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Cost: $299/session

Due to University of South Florida’s regulations regarding COVID-19, the USF Elementary CyberCamp will be held completely online. To enroll, all students need is a computer, an internet connection and a secret agent mentality to immerse themselves in the world of C.A.G.E. Campers will receive a packet with all the necessary materials for the week, including an ID badge, a secret message pen, a C.A.G.E. t-shirt and much more.

Register for one of our sessions below. For more information, please contact us at cybercamp@usf.edu.

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