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USF faculty, students to present at 2021 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

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TAMPA, Fla. (March 31, 2021) – The research of more than 80 USF faculty and graduate students will be presented to the educational research community at the 2021 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting from April 8-12.

The AERA Annual Meeting is the world's largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research and is a showcase for ground-breaking, innovative studies in an array of areas, from early education through higher education and from digital learning to second language literacy.

The theme for this year’s meeting is “Accepting Educational Responsibility.” Attendees from the university will participate in a variety of sessions as invited speakers, research authors, mentors and award recipients.

“Education research has shaped the way we think about persistent problems in education, imposing different lenses through which problems might be unpacked, examined, and addressed, and in some cases uncovered when we look at something in a different or new way. Education research has generated frameworks for thinking, strategies, and practices that help us to examine current practices and the degree to which they are, or are not, helping us reach our goal of student success at all levels of education,” said Judith Ponticell, PhD, professor and interim dean of the College of Education. “The College of Education’s scholarly presence at AERA contributes to our recognition among peer researchers and peer institutions, and we are proud of the growth of our presence at such a prestigious, professional gathering.”

Visit the link below to download our digital guide of AERA presentations from faculty and students at USF.

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