Central Financial Services

Tuition Waivers and Assistance

This information is designed to assist faculty, graduate assistants and academic program specialists with the management of the tuition waivers process. For more information, please contact EDU-TuitionWaivers@usf.edu.  

The College of Education provides graduate assistantships to qualified students on a competitive basis. Graduate assistants may teach, conduct research, or have other responsibilities that contribute to the student's professional development.

Graduate Assistants are classified under the following job codes:

  • Graduate Assistants: Job Code 9185
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates: Job Codes 9183 and 9184
  • Graduate Instructional Assistants: Job Code 9550
  • Graduate Research Assistants/Associates: Job Codes 9181 and 9182

Graduate assistants may contact the academic program specialist assigned to their department/program for additional details on the process.

Financial Aid

Contact your financial aid advisor if you have questions regarding your financial assistance or any charges posted on your OASIS account by visiting the University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services website.

Student Accounting

If you have questions regarding charges and payments on your student account, cancellation/reinstatement for non-payment or questions regarding your 1098-T, please email the customer service department at sfshelp@usf.edu or call their office at 813-974-6056. If additional information is required, please visit the Student Accounting website for more details.

Assistantships Processed by the Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies does not process all waivers, only waivers about out of college appointments. Out of college appointments occur when a graduate assistant has an appointment within another college or unit, and not within his/her home college or department. For additional information about tuition waivers eligibility, tuition fees and deadlines, visit the USF Office of Graduate Studies.

Required Documentation to Process a Tuition Waiver or Assistance Request

To start the process for a waiver or assistance, graduate assistants must complete a Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Request Form and provide additional supporting documentation to the academic program specialist assigned to their department/program. The academic program specialist will review the packet and submit it to Central Financial Services for a final review before it is submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Information about the required documents and eligibility can be found in the Tuition Waiver Guidelines. The required documents must be received by Central Financial Services before the deadline established by the Office of Graduate Studies and the USF Controller’s office.

If a graduate assistant is appointed as a research assistant or research associate to a grant and the grant has funds allocated for tuition payments, the student’s tuition should be charged to the grant. The Research Assistance Waiver Request Form must be completed and included with the tuition assistance/waiver request packet.