Field Experiences

Early Field Experience

Before students complete their final internship, they are provided with a structured pre-internship experience while meeting regularly in a university class. The objectives of this are for students to: 

  1. Participate in structured observations of actual classroom teaching.

  2. Understand the implications, both positive and negative, of their actions and decisions in the classroom.

  3. Experience planning and developing coursework (lessons, units, and block plans) for teaching.

  4. Apply their knowledge of their discipline's content and teaching methodology in tutorial, small group and total class instruction.

  5. Perform a case study on an individual student.

  6. Explore current problems and issues affecting teachers of their discipline.

  7. Pursue special interests in their discipline while emphasizing extra preparation in areas where teachers often feel ill-prepared and uncertain.

  8. Become proficient in the use of professional literature in their teaching.

  9. Discuss and develop a personal and unique style of teaching.

  10. Prepare for student teaching.