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NeuroTracker Testing and Training

Athlete using the neurotracker testing equipment

The NeuroTracker is a perceptual-cognitive training solution that emerged out from decades of neuroscience research and has been shown to enhance mental performance, improve learning, and impact overall wellness. The NeuroTracker challenges users to track multiple targets moving dynamically in a 3D environment, and adapts to the needs and progression of individuals in order to optimize cognitive abilities.

The NeuroTracker is used by elite athletes and military special forces to enhance human performance, by clinicians to improve the cognitive abilities of patients, and by teachers and students to boost learning!

Benefits of NeuroTracker Testing and Training:

  • Accurate data for individual profile
  • Determine a baseline and progression of cognitive function
  • Baseline reference for post-concussion Return-to-Play decision
  • Improve mental performance and boost learning
  • Data to inform performance training program

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