MAT (Math, Science, Social Science Education) ESOL Requirements

For MAT students in Math Education, Science Education, and Social Science Education

Future teachers in the content areas of Math, Science, and Social Studies take one course to meet the state ESOL requirements.

Required Course: TSL 5325 - ESOL Education in Content Areas

This course meets the 60-hour ESOL education requirement for Category II and III teachers as determined by the Florida Department of Education – This course does not grant or lead to an ESOL certification, however no further certification or course work is required for Category II and III teachers. 

This course will enable you to understand and respond to the diverse linguistic, cultural, and educational needs of limited English proficient (LEP) students in your K-12 content area classes.   Adaptations of your teaching to non-native English speakers in your classrooms will be guided by the principles of comprehensibility and cultural sensitivity, and this course will equip you with strategies for applying them in your specific fields and classrooms.  We will investigate theoretical and practical aspects of the fields of cross-cultural communication, language acquisition, methods of language teaching, curriculum development, and language assessment.  As part of each of these course modules, you will engage in activities and tasks in class and in the field that will raise your awareness of the practical and philosophical issues involved in fostering optimal environments for language and content learning for LEP students.

Course Content Outline

  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
  • Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
  • Methods in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Curriculum Development and Adaptation
  • Language Assessment

Main Course Assignments

  • Cultural Interviews
  • SLA Interview and SOLOM
  • Modified Lesson Plan
  • Case Study and Final Exam

Course Readings

  1. Diaz-Rico, L. & Weed .K. Z. (2010). Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development, Handbook. Allyn&Bacon. 4th edition
  2. Student Assignment Packet. Pro-copy