Master of Education - Foreign Language


Courses in the Master of Education in Foreign Language / ESOL Education

M.Ed. = A 33-hour program

  • Three core courses in professional education provide the necessary foundation in educational theories.  These courses are:
    • EFF 6211 or EDF 6215: Educational Psychology
    • EDF 6481: Foundations of Ed Research or EDF 6432: Foundations of Measurement
    • EDG 6627: Curriculum & Instruction
  • One course in current trends in Foreign Language Education - FLE 6665: Current Trends in FLE
  • Five courses taken at the graduate level in the area of emphasis providing students with further specialization in the foreign language or ESOL Education. These specialization courses are to include courses in content and/or the teaching of this content (such as FLE 5291: Applications of Technology to FLE).
  • Two elective courses
  • A Comprehensive Exam must be taken in the final semester of the program.
  • Please refer to the USF Graduate course catalog as well as your advisor for course selection.

Course Sequence 

There is no necessary course sequence for the M.Ed. However, some courses, such as the two foreign language education courses, are offered only once a year only and require careful course planning. These courses are also taught on campus only.

  • FLE 6665: Current Trends is offered in the fall only.
  • FLE 5291: Applications of Technology to FLE is a summer 10-day intensive course (usually scheduled in June).

Other than the courses listed above, the foundation education courses in the M.Ed. are offered every semester, either on campus or online.

The foreign language courses taught in the College of Arts & Sciences are on a two-year rotation. Please inquire with your target language advisor in the World Language Department for a listing of courses and their scheduling. Keep in mind that the selection of foreign language courses is the greatest in fall and spring.