Education Specialist

Comprehensive Exam

Rather than a written exam, Ed.S. students will be required to produce an online portfolio of their products and write a reflective summary of their competencies. The online portfolio will be evaluated after the Ed.S. Project is defended; however, students should be adding products to their portfolio throughout their coursework.

In most cases, the online portfolio will be evaluated during the same semester as the final defense of the Ed.S. Project. Specifically, this exam/portfolio will include the following components: 

Web-Based Portfolio

Your web-based portfolio should consist of approximately 8 - 15 (and no more than 20) products you have produced during your tenure in the Ed.S. program. Select items that represent your best work and demonstrate a broad range of the competencies. 

Using your USF web space, or any server of your choice, create a table of contents with links to each of your products. These products can be papers (please use PDF or RTF formats), images, websites, interactive programs, etc. For each product in the table of contents, include the following:

  1. The semester during which the product was produced.
  2. The course (or job) for which it was produced.
  3. Your role in the producing of the product (for example, indicate if you responsible for the design or the entire product).

Competency Analysis Report

After your portfolio is complete, compile a report with the following items: 

Introduction Section: In approximately one page, reflect upon the experiences you have had in the Instructional Systems program. Include both positive and negative aspects. Also, describe your future professional plans.  

Competency Checklist: Using items 1-14 of the Competencies and Skills for Instructional Designers, select the competencies that are reflected in your portfolio. Try to include competencies from at least six of the major 14 categories. Create a matrix, with the product in the first column, followed by a list of the relevant competencies (you can number them 1.5, etc. to make it easier to fit in a column). Note that any one product may reflect more than one competency. 

In the next column, assess your competence, using the following scale:

In the last column, write a brief statement about how that product demonstrates your competence.  When the portfolio and competency report are finished, send the report to your major professor electronically.

Evaluation of Competency Analysis Report

After the Major Professor approves the portfolio, the student works with the major professor to schedule an oral presentation of the portfolio with his/her Ed.S. committee. The final assessment of your performance will be based on both the content and the format of the portfolio as well as the Competency Report. Possible outcomes include: pass, not-yet-passing, or retake the "examination."

Portfolio Rubric
Competencies/Skills for Instructional Designers