PhD Concentration


Offered on USF's Tampa campus

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education is committed to providing doctoral students with the skills, knowledge and dispositions that can ensure they are able to contribute to the global mathematics education community, and connect with other researchers (Fey, 2001). 

Our program seeks to achieve the following goals, which are adapted from Fey (2001):

  • Develop doctoral students’ depth of pedagogical and content knowledge that promotes a desire to grow mathematically and as educators.
  • Provide opportunities for all doctoral students to gain experience as a teacher educators, who utilize emergent technologies.
  • Promote an awareness of social and educational context that can influence the quality of education students in grades K-20 receives.
  • Foster leadership and professional development initiatives for doctoral students, which provide an opportunity to observe dynamic changes in mathematics education over time.
  • Provide platforms for doctoral students to clearly communicate their ideas, in a persuasive fashion, in an effort to further transform the quality of education and increase equitable opportunities. 

  • Expose doctoral students to qualitative and quantitative research practices that can be used to critically examine the field of mathematics education, engage in policy analysis, and develop curriculum.
  • Facilitate an understanding of how students learn different mathematical concepts, and the various stages of development, particularly to mathematics.

Admitted students should contact the doctoral student advisor for a copy of the Mathematics Education Doctoral Student Handbook.


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