Program Facilities

School Psychology Graduate Assistant Lounge

The School Psychology Graduate Assistant Lounge is located across the hall from the main Educational and Psychological Studies office. Each School Psychology student has a mailbox in this room. A microwave, refrigerator, couch and desks are available for student use.

Observations Lab

Observation Lab

Observation Lab TV screens

The Observation Lab is located in EDU 255. It is a state of the art facility made up of nine interview rooms that allow for the ability to monitor each room from an audio/video monitoring station. There is also a two-way mirror in each room for observation from the hallway.

These rooms are equipped with both a miniature camera and a microphone. The camera is mounted to the ceiling and hidden behind a tinted globe. The microphone in each room is part of an intercom system. The audio and visual feed from each room can be recorded or observed from the monitoring station.

Tech Support

Computer Labs

The College of Education and the USF School of Graduate Studies have computer labs that are available for School Psychology student use. Some printing is available in these labs. The lab computers come equipped with software to compose manuscripts, prepare presentations, and analyze data.