Bachelor of Science

Academic Learning Compact

Department/Program: Secondary Education
Major: Science Education
Specializations: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Degree Designation: Bachelor of Science

Department Mission Statement:

We support and challenge student growth through: educational experiences that will strengthen leadership capacities; encouraging research and scholarship around issues of educational importance; fostering a sense of community in classrooms, schools, and other educational environments; encouraging collaborative participation and civic responsibility in our diverse society.

Identification of Core Student Learning Outcomes: 

Graduates of this program will be able to:

Content/Discipline Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Communication Skills

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes:

Students’ achievement of the identified core learning outcomes listed above are assessed by Science Education faculty members through a variety of mechanisms, including examinations, capstone experiences and assignments, internships, and portfolio evaluations.  The results of these assessments are also used to improve student achievement and program effectiveness.